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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Happiness?--it's matter of management of emotions within CYCLIC history, also rhetoric for Christian vs. satanism....

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Happiness?--It's Matter Of Successful Management Of Spenglerian CYCLIC "Decline Of West," Rhetoric, Hence Christian Vs. Satanism
(Apollonian, 20 Dec 15)

It would seem ur conversation w. respondent has quite degenerated as predicted, respondent defending and justifying the murderous and disastrous aggression of the Northern states in the 1860s war--it's supposedly "justified" as it's MORAL.

And as predicted, the discussion of the 1860s war foundered on issues of slavery and morality, the southerners lacking "feeling" for their fellow humans, the simple issue of Constitutional contract just ignored. Lincoln successfully persuaded the people, enough of them, they were threatened by and attacked by southerners--it was a triumph of rhetoric by Lincoln, persuading the northern folk of their moral superiority.

So once again we see issues of simplest fact being trumped by "morality"--as they so often are. Thus the Spenglerian thesis about CYCLIC history is demonstrated, the culture being corrupted fm the original, initial honesty of the founders who had to work and fight, now betrayed by the effete, indulgent inheritors of following generations who super-impose moralism, trumping facts, indulging moralist hubris, pretending to "good."

And we thus observe continued expansion of world government/dictatorship idea founded upon moralism, ignoring the now emerging facts regarding deliberate creation of ISIS terror group by USA, NATO, Israel, and Saudi in illegal attempt to overthrow Syrian President Assad, none of this being discussed by present candidates running for office due to their dependence upon Jews and the money-power which just legally COUNTERFEITS-up all the money for practical purposes which they demand. See and for expo on central-banking.

Hence it's demonstrated once again the uselessness of arguing w. moralists, moralism always serving as their excuse for trumping logic and facts of reality. For it's truly a contest btwn the two versions of reality, (a) Aristotelian objectivity and thus determinism (absolute cause-effect), there being no "good-evil"; (b) The other Platonist-inspired idea being subjectivism and hubristic assumption of a "free" human will capable of creating reality in God-like fashion.

And there's just not much to be done regarding these moralistic fools: they don't respect or recognize rules of logic or existence of facts; they just want to feel "good" about themselves as "good" people who "chose" wisely. And the inexorable proliferation of these moralistic sort are why/how cultures "decline" in CYCLIC fashion--over-population of fools. Thus human life is so much mere matter of management of this CYCLIC process described so well by Oswald Spengler.

Thus the CHRISTIAN solution to this problem of culture is in successfully characterizing the hubristic moralists as SATANISTS and thereupon making use of people's natural prejudice against this satanism founded in subjectivism and hereticalist "good-evil."

The cultural struggle against satanic hubris become one of rhetoric, and the satanists have the advantage of central-banking which legally COUNTERFEITS-up all the currency by which to buy-up all the organs of propaganda and dis-info. So Christian rhetoric cannot be too careful. In the end, Christian rhetoric must fit the circumstances as satanists are impelled to defeating themselves.

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