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Thursday, December 10, 2015

One must grasp (a) process of CYCLIC Spenglerian "Decline of the West," and (b) satanism....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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People Must Awaken To Threat Of ZOG And Jew World Order Brought About By Criminal Central Banking, Root Of Everything Else
(Apollonian, 8 Dec 15)

Who's behind it all?--wouldn't it be same people behind all the other false-flags and psy-ops, the powers behind the central-banking continuing criminal enterprise, as we've noted? See and for expo on central-banking fraud.

Isn't it also further demonstrated and shown NATO powers, including Jew S A, are behind ISIS, having built it up fm the ground, as was done also for preceding "al Qaeda"?

So we know and we see what's going on, and continuing to go on, but Americans, too many of them, are trans-fixed and paralyzed ("learned helplessness") for any meaningful, productive activity, addicted to cheap entertainment and their welfare payments--"bread and circuses," as during Roman times, evidently.

So what's going to happen?--just continued disaster after disaster, more false-flags combined w. psy-ops, as ZOG continues its murderous ways and reduces population of the world as it's foretold in "Agenda-21" plan.

Otherwise, the states must enforce the US Constitution, esp. 10th Amendment, and nullify laws and secede fm the Union if necessary. Only commodity money must be used by citizenry, and criminal enterprise of central-banking must be suppressed immediately, the criminals prosecuted and publically executed. We have the example of the original Christian-inspired revolution of St. Constantine the Great as one useful hist. precedent, original US revolution of 1776 as another.

But it looks like ZOG and ISIS sister-state will continue until further, more disastrous, catastrophic turns of events arise, the people only shaken-out fm their delusions by such disasters and catastrophes--all visited upon them by those they were taught to believe were their "friends."

----------------------above by ap in response to below-copied----------------

Dreadnought December 8, 2015 at 6:29 PM

and I forgot to say how would the media find out the address before the police and get there to ransack the apartment and would real press do that anyway? Wouldn't the landlord say go away until the police get here? How did the big blood stain get to be there after the small bloodstain and the moving of the corpse. This now means we have three different images of the "scene" and it appears the scene is three different places. How incompetent are these FEMA morons? This is the least realistic even less so than Boston: are they having trouble getting qualified traitors to hoax the American? public. All the fakery shows the cops can't get there in time in any case so don't you need to have a firearm if there is a genuine threat of a Sandy Hook or San Bernadino? It is all corrupt nonsense and I will leave it to Apsterian to tell you who is or are behind it all

--------------------below-copied in response to above, top, by ap---------------

Dreadnought December 9, 2015 at 3:02 AM

Yes, I was there when the wall came down and it was an amazing thing to see small scale capitalism on the streets of Moscow. I think America is different in that the very simple rules of society are very clear from the Constitution but the Constitution has been shat upon. I dislike the idea of a world government entirely. I want my children to grow up in a world where the least interference there can be from government in their lives, the better for them. There is obviously a world power that seeks to dominate all of humanity. I have no better name or description of it than Apsterian. He is an extreme Christian but the fight against evil creates strange bed fellows. It plays on the undercurrent of terrorising the American people through false incidents and convinces them they they are powerless to protect themselves. Whatever it is it is pure evil and I would simply term it fascism wherever it comes from. I think the Russians and Chinese are actually an example of how not to allow it to do so. I believe the best I can do is to show how it presents false incidents to Americans to hound them and cause them to forget the rights and freedoms they have. If anyone wants to use those falsities I expose, I haven't any objection to that. Allan Powell

------------------below-copied by ap in response to above-------------------

One Must Grasp satanism And Process Of Spenglerian "Decline Of West"
(Apollonian, 9 Dec 15)

Powell: U're making a huge mistake w. the "evil" crap--there is no such thing. For there's no perfectly "free" human will (we're all sinners, always have been, always will be)--which assumption of perfect "freedom" is HUBRIS, by definition, and satanic as it makes humans equal w. God, God that presumptive being of perfect freedom of will, by definition.

For what u're missing is the inexorable CYCLE of hist. in accord w. "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, whence a culture/society becomes corrupt and perverted by means of this hubris and, specifically, subjectivism, the corrupt culture rejecting the strict determinism and objectivity of the original founder/conqueror generation(s).

So what happens is, simply, a huge mass of inferiors and weaklings is generated who all now go in for hubris, subjectivism, etc., all upon pretext of fallacious/hereticalist "good-evil" Pharisaism, known in Christian theology as Pelagianism (St. Augustine).

So it isn't "good-evil," but rather something like a great catastrophic storm or disease--satanic hubris borne of extreme subjectivism.

Thus under such cultural/psychologic conditions of subjectivism, including extreme subjectivism, the Jews naturally dominate as they're most COLLECTIVIST subjectivists, most organized and "connected," enabled thus to controlling/manipulating even greater numbers of such-like subjectivistic gentiles, which gentiles are typically "individualist" and isolated fm one another.

Thus as subjectivism is basis of lies and fraud, satanists, esp. Jews gain control of central-banking legalized COUNTERFEITING, thus practically the entirety of the culture/society.

So it's this satanism, hubris, and extreme subjectivism we're up against--which is a wholly naturalistic phenomenon, mostly like a disease--a mental disease, led by the Jews who naturally dominate, under the circumstances, as I note. Ck ref.s for this Jew satanism as at, etc.

Necessary counter-action to this hubris/satanism, etc., is reason in general, hence Christian worship of TRUTH above all, hence the objective reality, this entailing obligatory anti-pathy to satanists, subjectivists, et al., these ALWAYS led by Jews, this afore-mentioned anti-pathy to satanism well understood as anti-semitism.

People must not fear anti-semitism as it's obedience to God, so to speak. And u must learn confidence in anti-semitism, for no decent person calls himself Jew, Judaism/Talmudism properly understood. And we gentiles and Christians must adopt more effective, WHOLE-SALE methods against Jews and their accomplices, esp. the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) heretics who say Christ was Jew and support Israeli terror-state.

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