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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Fetzer: perfect case in pt. for Spenglerian "Decline of the West," gross failure of establishment edjumacation, philosophy, etc.....

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Fetzer: Philosophic Charlatan Continues To Fail, Distract, Bleating And Squealing--About Alex Jones, Amazon, Etc.
(Apollonian, 2 Dec 15)

This is now Fetzer's FOURTH straight blog, since 20 Nov., on the banning of his book, but the wonder is he FAILS (again) to generalize and to grasping and identifying the larger genus for the various differentia which includes these false-flag and psy-ops "shootings" and other events, like 9/11, the OKC bombing before that, and even the JFK assassination over 50 yrs ago.

That larger generalization entailing these particular incidents then is the evermore overt satanic (subjectivistic) society dominated by that criminal enterprise known as central-banking and specifically the US Federal Reserve Bank (the "fed"), legalized COUNTERFEITING (see and for expo on the Fed).

satanism of course is the ultra-hubristic, extreme subjectivism, and making oneself to being God w. ability to creating reality ex nihilo and the perfectly "free," God-like will, capable of "good-evil."

Note then it's this fallacious "good-evil" which is pretext of the more elaborate satanism and Pharisaism which is now working for Agenda-21 and "population-reduction" genocide--AND SUCCEEDING, the genocide going-on now merely on a slower-motion process w. GMO poisoned foods and additives, toxic vaccines, poison chem-trails, electro-magnetic toxicity, etc.

So the false-flag psy-ops, fake "shootings," and other events will continue long as the central-banking holds up, financing literally everything about the culture, economy, and society, including the larger corp.s and such as Amazon books, etc.

And there's NOTHING that can possibly stop this absolute control of the evermore satanic society but for the inevitable ultimate collapse when and only when the currency itself collapses as is inevitable in fiat-currency systems.

But even then w. currency collapse the top satanic master-minds will, as we see they're doing, steer the society into warfare by which the top criminals will make their escape as the large culture is destroyed in a kind of "gotterdammerung."

So even though such as Fetzer complains about Alex Jones ( and Amazon, Fetzer FAILS no less, especially for Fetzer's chosen, pretended craft of philosophizing which is supposed to help humanity for perspective and context as for particular events like Sandy hoax, 9/11, JFK, etc.

Thus Fetzer merely effectively continues the charade for satanic pretexts for subjectivism, Pharisaist moralism of non-existent "good-evil," and legitimacy of that criminal enterprise over-arching all the particular incidents, central-banking, that banking making everything else possible--which Fetzer deliberately ignores.

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David Norton December 2, 2015 at 10:12 PM

Basically you could just say to Fetzer: What's the end game and it goes beyond gun confiscation?

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Amazing, Pathetic Nature Of Fetzer's Gross Failure--Mirrors General Cultural "Decline"
(Apollonian, 3 Dec 15)

Fetzer is such a pathetic half-baked weakling--and now u understand why public edjumacation is such a fraud--u get weaklings and inferiors like Fetzer now glorified w. certifications and degrees, ho ho ho oho.

(a) For the very basic, first purpose and function of philosophy is placing things in context/perspective, differentia within genera, particulars within the general sets and subsets. Fetzer just wants to recite lists of details, if u notice.

Fetzer suffers gross, miserable failure for seeing the whole forest, he's so obsessed and fixated upon the various trees.

(b) And note Fetzer and his ilk cannot grasp the absolute revolutionary, overt and explicit satanism (extreme subjectivism) evermore taking-over the entire culture in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. What's his goddam problem?

How stupid can one possibly get?--a stupidity, one must admit, shared by the great mass of the rest of the population, one must concede. But it's Fetzer's particular job, as philosophic, to analyze and be capable of pt-ing out such cultural developments and anomalies--he literally doesn't have a clue.

(c) Observe the crass, pathetic, pure COWARDICE of this establishment hack, Fetzer, for defense of the formerly Christian culture which had served as bulwark of the people against this putrid, advancing satanism.

(d) And observe Fetzer's AMAZING, moronic impotence in the face of criminal enterprise known as central-banking which is palpable, verifiable foundation to all the particular criminal instances, like JFK, 9/11, Sandy hoax, etc.

So u see, Fetzer is actually instructive spectacle for the present, on-going cultural failure and Spenglerian "Decline of the West," for all his horrific, pathetic incompetence, including this latest interlude of mindless, crippling fascination over banning/suppression of his book, "Nobody Died...." Fetzer needs to try to attempting to starting to getting a life--it's never too late, u know.

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