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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Despite all the psycho-babble, the greatest error in thinking is fallacious Pharisaism and "good-evil"....

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By Far, Without Doubt, Greatest Fallacy Is Pharisaist "Good-Evil"; Non-Existent "Good" Greatest Enemy Of Truth
(Apollonian, 22 Dec 15)

Hohoho ho ho ho--what a brainless bunch of psycho-babble and idiotic twaddle, ho ho ho ho.  See article at above link.

Greatest problem is what it's always been, HUBRIS: the idea one has a perfectly "free," God-like will capable of changing reality, and this obtains especially in the way of moralism and "good-evil," Pharisaism, and known to Christian theology as Pelagianism (see St. Augustine).

And of course, hubris follows fm idea that reality is subjective, non-objective--they go together, actually, hubris and subjectivism. Following objectivity, fm Aristotle, we find reality is determined, in accord w. absolute cause-effect--what Christians call "God's will"--there's no perfectly "free" human will.

Thus the fascists, following Plato, cleverly put-over the idea of "good-evil" which so many stupid people become so absolutely addicted to, thus becoming the obedient soldiers and drones of fascists. And masses of stupid folks arise naturally as society "succeeds" and "prospers," ho ho ho ho ho. The trick is to get the fools addicted to "good-evil" at early age; they're perfect slaves ever after.

Thus the way to taking-over and ruling is persuading the masses of morons it's "good" to institute central-banking--legalized COUNTERFEITING (see Once u have this central-banking, u rule--which proceeded in West slowly, but became definitive w. Rothschild dominance of banking after Napoleonic wars which USA failed to resist, becoming captive definitively soon after war of 1860s, properly known as War of Northern Aggression, definitive destruction of original Constitutional system.

Finally, by way of demonstrating my thesis, note aforementioned War of Northern Aggression can NEVER be discussed for obvious destruction of Constitution, esp. 10th Amendment, as the moralistic issue is ALWAYS intruded, specifically slavery, which totally hijacks EVERY discussion without fail. Such is the horror of fallacious, delusionary, non-existent "good-evil."

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