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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Powell needs to heed to substance for criticism of Rebekah Roth, not get diverted on personality, etc....

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Powell Needs To Improve Argumentation In Way Of Substance
(Apollonian, 12 Dec 15)

Fetzer SUCKS when it comes to placing ANY of the ZOG incidents, assassinations, false-flags in context--which is PRECISELY the job of a philosophic, placing things in context/perspective. On the contrary, Fetzer REMOVES CONTEXT fm these otherwise isolated incidents, and this is aside fm my other criticisms already given, this blog, just above.

Central-banking conspiracy is what provides that necessary CONTEXT for all the particulars, fm JFK (and even before) to 9/11, to Sandy hoax, to latest San Bernardino incidents. Just imagine the incredible financial resources required--just for Sandy hoax alone.

And again, consider ISIS, a TOTAL creation/product of CIA/MOSSAD/MI6, etc., working so brilliantly, itself creating the masses of invading "refugees" now into EU and Jew S A too, ISIS a joint product of the "neo-con" kikes for Israel, on pretended "right," AND the leftist kikes behind Obola and world gov.

Look at how WEAK is ur criticism of Rebekah (see below-copied) in ur above entry: "graphics" coming on fm 5 am?--what are u talking about? U're simply not giving a coherent, pertinent argument.

All ur material, interesting as it might be, about the pineal gland and "snake oil" is irrelevant to the 9/11 material. U don't like "snake-oil"?--that's ur opinion and ur own inclinations, comrade--has NOTHING to do w. the 9/11 material.

U have a sad and un-fortunate tendency to removing fm the substance of an issue or discussion and trying rather classic ad-hominem, esp. w. this moronic hair-color and Christian-name business--Lord knows what u're about w. that. U must heed to the substance.

U and Fetzer have a good opportunity--still, and anytime--to clinch the case regarding Sandy hoax by fixing on the un-damaged class-room windows. I told the dumb old fool to put the photos side-by-side for the un-damaged vs. the shot-out windows, but--nothing doing, the moron. Don't u realize that item (windows) is what ABSOLUTELY clinches the case? Of course, fact that the photos were taken on the 13th also clinches it absolutely, but the confirmation for that still awaits, I guess.

So u have lots to do for improvement for ur case(s) to be presented. And I can well see how/why u were such a failure for ur legal career--very poor argumentation and arrangement of actual facts and substance, preferring this ad-hominem crap regarding personality. Pls say three Hail Marys and five Our Fathers for ur penance and vow to try to improve.

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Dreadnought December 12, 2015 at 1:17 AM

She says graphics for the air controller screens come from 5 am. If so where are the planes? She has both Christian and Surnames Jewish and has claimed to be both Jewish and Christian. We all know about the central bank, we all know who controls them. The planes didn't go anywhere near the towers. She has them hijacked and ......more roundabout.....Poppy Bush, In this case it's not feasible that the Mossad did anything without the connivance of the Administration, The Administration turned off the air defences. If I want my information about the banks and the Fed, I don't want it from the snake oil lady. Look at the Mossad involvement Jim puts up after my hour. What sort of proram do you want to see give me information and I will do a program, you find important things, tell me so I can expose them. But I would say Bekky is poison. Allan Powell

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apsterian December 11, 2015 at 10:39 PM

I listened to that int-view (on Rebekah Roth,, but u gotta deal w. her 9/11 theories on their own merits. I think she does good work, everything considered. Rebekah is telling us how Jews own/control Jew S A, and she knows about the central-bank--so she's doing most excellent work compared w. anyone else, including numb-nuts Fetzer, I say.

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