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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Trump is attractive for his style which stands-out fm the rest, even though they all suck-along w. Jews....

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Trump Is Throw-Back To National Sovereignty Idea, Don't Doubt
(Apollonian, 17 Dec 15)

They (the powers) actually hiked int. rates today by whopping .25 of a percentage--but that is enough, many say, to POP the bubble blown-up by mad money-printing that's been going-on.

It's got to pop at some time anyway, they say; if not then we're just going to get HYPER-inflation which is worst of all.

Original Constitutional USA is long dead--has been since 1865. We're now well into CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, see, the original heroes now long GONE--who never had it good, only wanted freedom.

But people nowadays, have had it "good" ("prosperous," ho hoho), they think, and that's all they want--they don't care about freedom--they don't even know what it is, really. "Rule-of-law"?--HUH?--they say.

See JR, real freedom is built upon serious rule-of-law, right?--and that means u can't just print money (actually "currency," not real money), but the scum who predominate nowadays think that's what u need for "prosperity"--"money-printing."

We just have a basically dis-honest culture full of dis-honest people willing to fool themselves--way too many of them. The scum today who pre-dominate imagine that "good" was justified for destroying the original Constitutional republic--it's associated w. slavery and "freeing the slaves" which they insist was "good," justification for instituting the absolute state, destruction of local gov.

And now what do we see?--this absolute state now wants to metastasize yet another level into world-dictatorship. And it was "good" thing for them, they think, to literally create ISIS which is now forcing refugees into the West, including Jew S A.

And so u see, JR, reason we the people love Trump, and his style, at least, is he harkens back to national sovereignty of the old CHRISTIAN state, willing to discriminate and say NO Mooooslims--at least for a while till we figure-out some stuff, eh?

And did u hear in the debate yest., Trump told off Bush and how the Bin Laden family-members were flown out of the country in a sweetheart deal--W. Bush knew quite enough about what was really going on.

So people like Trump as he seems to be his own man, willing to say what he really thinks (at least somewhat--he still sucks-up to Israel, if u notice)--and that all by itself sets him apart fm all the other suck-alongs.

Look at Ted Cruz: he's not even vaguely a "natural-born" citizen, born in Canada to naturalized Canadian citizens--what a joke. See

So u see, JR?--what a joke things are, culturally--rule-of-law so pathetically forgotten--even for what it basically is, people just making stuff up as they go-along, like Cruz.

That's how Trump is different, esp. for his style--Jews still have the country and people by the short-hairs, otherwise, and it's still a sad situation, truth be told.

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