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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How Truth, information of the people is so effectively subverted, controlled, and affected by satanists and Jews for schizoids and broad public....

How Jews & Satanists Affect And Leverage Schizoids For Subversion Of Inductive Logic, De-Railing Of Truth For Broad Public
(Apollonian, 3 Sep 14)

Reference previous blog-articles, this site, on subjects of Satanists, Aug 29, just a few days ago, and schizoids, 27 Aug.

People wonder HOW kikes and satanists can soooooooo easily and successfully affect things for propaganda and the cultural dialectic--but it's really simple--observe: Moralism and moralistic schizoids (again, see my previous expo on 27 and 29 Aug.) are used to subvert people's dialectic and understanding; anti-Semitic Christians and reason itself is drowned-out for hearing by broad public.  And note this cultural control by Jews works long as US Dollar continues to be accepted as significant reserve currency.

Perfect example is Jews--thus Jews are foremost criminals, hated by all peoples, kicked-out of practically every country on earth, but inductive logic (induction--generalizing fm particulars) for this otherwise obvious conclusion (that they're scum and puke) is subverted by moralism/Pharisaism--truth is over-ruled by means of morality--it would be "anti-Semitic" (which is "immoral," u know) to speak the truth about Jews being criminals and psychopaths, rightly hated by all humankind.

For Jews are easily observed for their power and hold over the culture, Jews controlling US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEITING, literally, thus owning and controlling all organized crime, politicians, judges, all the large corporations directly, and smaller ones too, including the mass-corporate "news"-media, Hollywood entertainment, public edjumacation, and establishment Christian churches, etc.

Thus it's most important, so the schizoids are taught, to be "moral" and "politically-correct," not so much to be truthful, honest, or logical, heeding inductive logic for the Jew strangle-hold--as one observes three and probably four kikes on Supreme ct. (Soto Mayor probably a crypto, perfectly following the Jew program, regardless); Jews holding 7 out of  11 places on President's National Security Council (according to David Duke); Jews in Israel getting the NSA data first, without anything being screened, etc.

Thus inductive logic is over-looked, over-ruled, and ignored.  On the other hand, a phony inductive logic, of a sort, is generated and contrived simply by means of constant, consistent repetition of lies--simple eh?--esp. when u (or Jews) control the money-supply, going-along being rewarded, dissent causing loss of jobs, false and phony prosecutions, slander and defamation, etc.

Thus clever, well-organized, and -directed Satanism and Jews leverages, controls, and affects the schizoids and goyim so effectively and successfully, the nation captured, enslaved, and destroyed.

Only the real, anti-Semitic, Christianity can effectively counter-act this insidious Satanism and Jew subversion, Christ = TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), and worst enemy of TRUTH is "good" of moralism/Pharisaism.

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