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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Jews: foremost subjectivists, satanists, moralists, criminals, scum....

Below-copied first published at comments,

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Jews Are Problem, Foremost Subjectivists, Satanists, Most Organized By Far
(Apollonian, 25 Sep 14)

Red Pill: I must object to false content of this vid on grounds of it's Jew-friendliness (defending Jews), as noted at 7 mins, 48 seconds--even though all the rest of it might actually be accurate, which I wouldn't doubt it is.

I've listened to u on numerous shows, and u're sadly out-to-lunch on the Jew issue--Judaism is satanism, and u simply need to find-out about Judaism, founded, by definition upon murderous Talmud, the lead document, but along w. other rabbinic writings too, like Zohar, etc.  See, also, for best expo.

U and ur circle of buddies and colleagues FAIL to understand all religion/philosophy is analyzable according to objective-subjective dichotomy (also Aristotle vs. Plato).  And note the issue is made explicit in Gosp. JOHN, esp. at 14:6 (Christ = truth) and 8:44 (Jews = lies), Jews the "sons" of their father, satan, the devil.

For note truth depends upon the objective criterion--which criterion, the objective reality, is denied by Jews even if not explicitly, Jews insisting only effective truth is what rabbis say it is, SUBJECTIVISM, justified on a collective subjectivism reputedly on behalf of all Jews, but arbitrated by rabbis at top, these rabbis willing to sacrifice the lower-level Jews as it is expedient--about which treachery Christ warned.

I note also u and u buddies tend to be fascinated and distracted by the numerology which is really red-herring.  Essence of satanism is SUBJECTIVISM, whence reality is whatever one wishes it is, one becoming one's own God, leading then to narcissism, Pharisaism-moralism (sanctimony and self-righteousness), etc.

Note Judaism is satanism, though not all Jews are extreme satanists--though they're necessarily sympathetic to it, much like communism, and gentiles can be satanists too, like they can be communists--but lead and topmost masterminds of satanism, like communism, are Jews as they're most connected, united, and organized.

Of course, there's problem of absolute formal proof for these above statements/conclusions of mine, but it's matter of inductive logic, moving fm particular details.  Note practical power comes fm central-banking and fiat-money, as US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam which Jews un-questionably control.

Jews are un-questionably the problem, but it's because they're foremost, connected SUBJECTIVISTS, Pharisaist-moralists, and esp. satanists--even though, again, gentiles can be all these too, however not nearly as connected/organized.

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