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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What's large cultural problemo?--note the CYCLIC circumstances of "Decline of West" by Spengler, Jews, satanists dominating like lords....

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What's Problem With USA?--Spengler's CYCLIC Cultural "Decline"
(Apollonian, 17 Sep 14)

Well, the question/issue, presumably raised by the Jew, Blum, is similar to WHY do nominally "Christian" people support and ally w. the satanistic, cannibalistic, psychopathic, mass-murdering terror-state of Israel--indeed, HOW do these Jew monsters exert the hypnotic-like power they do over the brain-dead morons of Jew S A?

Thus it's most perfect demonstration, this Jew-trance of present USA, of Oswald Spengler's CYCLIC theory expressed in "Decline of the West."

Thus the originally heroic, rationalist, honest, CHRISTIAN people of USA achieved genuine prosperity and became corrupt and perverted--especially in the way of HUBRISTIC Pharisaism, Christian honesty, worshipping truth above all, giving way now to Pharisaist self-delusion of "good-evil" and moral virtue, this Pharisaist delusion built upon the gross hubris of pretending to a perfectly "free" human will.

Thus Jew and associated Satanists now dominate USA, along w. much of the Western world--the Jews dominating Satanism like they dominate communism, banking, and the corporate bureaucratic hierarchy, among other things--these Jews and Satanists now leading by the nose a great portion/segment of US population, the "schizoids," so much consumed in this Pharisaist "moralist" ethos, w. putrid guilt-complex

So what can be done to rectify things in West and Jew S A?--nothing less than a Christian-inspired revolution, similar in effect to the original of St. Constantine the Great of early 4th cent. Roman emp.

Thus Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH is built upon the Aristotelian objective, hence determinist reality--which rejects and repudiates hubris and gross Pharisaism and pretense to child's "good-evil"--not to mention embracing of the good old anti-Semitism, the only real obedience to God and proper expression of Christianity--this is the cultural KEY to present problems of Jew S A.

Immediate, direct, and most practical resort then must be made to removal of US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEITING, practical key to Jews' criminal power by which Jews control and manipulate everything and everyone.  Additionally, states-rights, nullification, and secession are necessary tools.

Anti-Semitism thus rejects criminality (as of the Fed COUNTERFEITING) collectivism, socialism, Pharisaism, and satanist rejection of objective reality and determinism, and Christianity is the most successful, enduring, and rewarding anti-Semitism for the rational human.

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