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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fetzer misses proper "big-picture," Banker forest for trees, distracted by sentiment for Kennedy....

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Prof. Fetzer Only Fails For That Large Historical Over-View, Context, Perspective
(Apollonian, 13 Sep 14)

Just finished-up listening to the shows.  The first part (Heller) was pretty good w. Prof. Fetzer sticking mostly w. matter-of-fact and details in which he's particularly good, but I brought-up before the Galvanic corrosion issue, and I'm wondering what Fetzer knows about that.

For there's issue of fraudulent insurance, etc., on bldgs (twin towers) which were scheduled for scrapping, this aside fm the asbestos issue--why would smart Jew like Lucky Larry Silverstein buy into such loser-deals?

Second part of the show, w. Gary King, was more speculative, and was interesting, as always w. our good Prof., BUT here Fetzer is much more subject to serious criticism.  For first, it's serious mistake to imagine Kennedy was some sort of hero--he was big-gov. statist just like all establishment candidates, in favor of world gov., etc., and this is precisely the movie that's continuing to play w. Obongo, presently.

Kennedy was simply a "loose-cannon" and ZOG decided to make example of him, demonstrating their power and all-out mastery of things, the Jews-media of the time absolutely impervious to any truth and real dissent, the people perfectly addicted to the false "prosperity," etc.

And this is precisely where/how Prof. Fetzer fails, I submit, for his over-all "big-picture" context for proper perspective of things.  Note Kennedy was absolute slave to Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and those who would later be Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers.

Top Kennedy advisors, McGeorge Bundy, W. Rostow, Macnamara, and Dean Rusk ALL STAYED ON, all CFR men, in transition to LBJ admin, LBJ, who much over-saw significant circumstances of the assassination, but who was far fm being the top master-mind.

Prof. Fetzer seriously seems to fail to grasp the all-important issue of "central-banking," and how it absolutely controls EVERYTHING else--just as T. Jefferson understood at very outset of USA, and Andrew Jackson so virtuously took-up--even though Jackson failed horrifically for the S. Carolina "nullification" crisis, threatening war against the state on Tariff issue.

For by means of such central banking, one LITERALLY and effectively legalizes outright COUNTERFEITING of the money/currency and necessarily works to owning and controlling EVERYTHING, and nearly everyone, only a few, like present-day Ron Paul, capable of resisting.

This banking issue is specifically what Fetzer misses and over-looks most glaringly.  Another issue is the Jew issue, Jews, led by the banker elite, having effectively overthrown the Christian culture, esp. w. definitive rule of Rothschild bankers during and after Napoleonic wars.

Yet another issue for the poor, victimized Western culture and society was the capture of the middle class by the moralism/Pharisaist system of such as Immanuel Kant and destruction of Western rationalist reign which had arisen so gloriously fm previous Renaissance and Englightenment.

Thus Oswald Spengler's thematic, CYCLIC "Decline of the West" has taken place before our very eyes, the people, esp. the middle-class, taken-in by the mystic, irrationalist moralism/Pharisaism of Kant and his followers, leading directly to Marx, the Jew-bankers now working for de-population and genocide of "AGENDA-21," the people being programmatically poisoned and exterminated by slow-kill methods, as poison fluoride in the water, poison vaccines, toxic GMO foods and food additives like aspartame, poison "chem-trails," etc.

Thus, even though such as Alex Jones ( is total limited-hangout for his Jew paymasters, yet still Alex has the more accurate overall historical perspective for things than our good Prof. Fetzer, Alex merely refusing to more specifically identify what he calls "globalists" as Jews.

What we need now is serious, REAL Christianity, hence anti-Semitism, Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, above all, against Jew lies (Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:44), a revolution similar in overall cultural effect as that of early 4th cent. Roman empire by St. Constantine the Great who revived, briefly, the then moribund empire and culture.

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