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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

More stupid, idiot crap and balderdash nitting and picking over NOTHING (relatively) while Rome proverbially "burns"--stupid, scummy puke DESERVE TO DIE, dumbasses....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Idiot "Debates" About Nothing (Relatively)--Excellent Distraction As ZOG Rolls Onwards
(Apollonian, 2 Sep 14)

Prof. Fetzer: here's the problem--u post there's a "debate," but don't say what it's about for any specificity, there's no summary for what was talked about, and the up-shot is, as Judy Wood rightly pt.s out, all that happens for folks is the issue is SUBMERGED within "controversy"--which serves ZOG's purposes.

Don Fox does good enough job working to demonstrate presence of nuke residues, which indicates nukes, BUT does it definitively rule-out DEWs?--how could it, since we know of no actual DEWs?

So u got one group of NERDS/geeks on one hand insisting on DEWs, and on the other hand another group jumps up and down for nukes--what diff. does it really make?--WE KNOW JEWS are at bottom of it all--didja hear George Galloway took a public beating fm one of those psychopaths?--that'll teach u goyim to complain about Israel, eh?

Then of course, u got the dis-info shills like "one-born-brainless" insisting upon problems w. photos and vids--when we KNOW Jews are at bottom of it all.

So stupid gentiles keep babbling back-and-forth about stupid crap and obscure, moronic details--while NOTHING GETS DONE ABOUT the obvious problem, the Jews and the satanistic conspiracy they head, beginning w. US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEITING, etc.

Gentile people MUST achieve some kind of UNITY, beginning w. SENTIMENT--and there's nothing better than the REAL, hence anti-Semitic, Christianity which worships TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all/any other precept (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).  Why can't otherwise smart people like Fetzer FIGURE THIS OUT?

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  1. 911truthncSeptember 2, 2014 at 5:11 PM

    Running around yelling "the jews did it" will not get us anywhere. If there is going to a Real Scientific Investigation, "the jews did it" just will not fly.

    The debate and arguing are part of the scientific process.

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    Moralism: Worst Enemy Of Truth
    (Apollonian, 2 Sep 14)

    No fool: u've had as much a "scientific" investigation u're EVER GONNA GET, MORON. U've got plenty of Info, brainless idiot.

    Chris Bollyn may be wrong on some pt.s, but he's certainly correct that Jews are to be found at every strategic pt.--planning, cover-up, destruction of evidence, "investigation," litigation, dis-info, etc.

    So how will u possibly advance WITHOUT getting rid of these Jew road-blocks, stupid ass?--cowardly punk.

    And Jews are going to remain in these strategic positions of power long as US Dollar remains significant reserve currency--and when it looks like Dollar will fall, that's when we'll find ourselves in war, suffering fm bio-weapon, etc.

    I don't say puke like u, "911truthnc," are "shills" so much as u're JUST A DUMB, STUPID, BRAINLESS SCUM, doing the typical "moral" thing of sticking up for kike filth--GET OFF IT, dumbass.