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Friday, September 26, 2014

ZOG/Jew/satanic problem isn't that difficult to grasping, explaining....

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Clare K., Perfect Example Of Cultural Problem Gripping West
(Apollonian, 26 Sep 14)

"...[B]ut the "top" are not really only Jewish." - Clare Kuehn September 26, 2014 at 6:18 AM
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Ho ho ho--as if apster's exposition isn't self-explanatory, we need this bloviating, patronizing, moronic know-it-all, "Clare Kuehn," to trying her best to confuse things further (see below-copied).

Thus our dearest Clare the moron feels it necessary to explain, in inimitable idiot's manner (see above, ho ho ho), to mere humans what "proof" is, ho ho ho--she can't just refer to a dictionary, u see--no no, she knows better, ho ho ho.

And there are no "bad-guys" as, first, there's no "bad" as there's no "good-evil," a delusion (Pelagian heresy--see St. Augustine and Martin Luther) that's much a great part of the cultural/psychologic problem in the first place, so many now caught-up in Jew-fostered Pharisaism--like Clare herself, one notes.

And ZOG is Zionist Occupation Gov., which is excellent term to describe the obvious political-cultural problem.

And what's that political-cultural problem?--simple--it's simply an elaborated CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY, headed by Jews and satanists, easily demonstrated whose primary, practical instrument of control, manipulation, and coercion is central-banking and fiat-money, US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEITING scam, as I've noted for folks, which then buys and controls practically everything and everyone, including but not limited to the mass corp. Jews-media, all public and much private "education," the governments, beginning at top w. federal, but extending to state and many local entities too.

Perhaps most tragic is ZOG control/influence over even nominally "Christian" institutions which were originally, way back when, meant to protect the people fm these Jew and associated monsters, but which establishment institutions have themselves now been captured.

But it's good opportunity for clarification and fullest exposition of the general cultural problem, the people so oppressed, mentally-entangled, and immersed, as we see, in the general cultural/societal "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--which begin in HUBRIS and now extends to its mass manifestation/expression--satanism, always led by Jews, foremost SUBJECTIVISTS, thus Pharisaistic moralists.

Thus the people must RE-GAIN their grasp upon an objective, Aristotelian reality whence there's no "good-evil," humans being necessarily sinners and motivated in self-interest according to necessary nature, the only means of temperance then being reason and rationalism which cannot abide the sort of bloviating, presumptuous Pharisaism of such as our dearest Clare K., good example of what's wrong w. the culture and people, caught-up in schizoidalism borne of Pharisaism.

-----------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------------

Thanks for posting the link. Judy (the grandmother I spoke to) was on it, too.

It is an excellent show, right to the end.

Aside, John: The "ho ho ho" is an often smug person named Apsterian, who means well, but whose only format of discussing evildoers and powerplays is to call them Zionists, then to link all formal Satanism with them, plus not to recognize that bad intent can be called "satanic" in context, without meaning huge groups involved. He calls many he dislikes a Jew (as a dishonour); if discovering a Jew (just their religion), he must often link them to potentially being part of the horrible mind-set of the top "Jewish" conspiracy.

No matter the fact that there are apocalyptic occultic Jews and other kinds at work in the big power plays of the world, Apsterian's rambling comments using limited concepts for whodunnit, are sometimes very unhelpful.

He's not stupid when he calms down, but his limited conceptual rhetoric gets in his own way. At that point, he has displayed a common mistake, i.e., that proof of something comes from one item of each kind (each area) in an argument. In reality, of course, several items sometimes group together, of each kind, before linking into different kinds in the overall argument for a proof.

His passive simplicity about what proofs are and physical evidence is is common. (Physical things can show a tendency; they are not only incontrovertible in themselves. They can show that what might have been dismissable in one thing is bolstered in another, becoming a nexus, a linked argument within the general argument, which itself is a proof.)

He calls the bad guys "ZOG" -- about Zionism. Of course, there are such people at the "top" (Rothschilds being a famous example), but the "top" are not really only Jewish.


  1. apsterianSeptember 26, 2014 at 11:38 AM

    By All Means: Ck Latest Fetzer & Wolfgang Show W. Joyce Riley On "Power Hour"

    Incidentally, I went to the Vet's Today item where Prof. Fetzer is on the "Power Hour" w. Joyce Riley, along w. Wolfgang--it's tremendous, outstanding exposition given, esp. by our good Prof., on the Sandy Hook psy-op. That link is

    The YouTube vid is at

    Riley felt obligated, evidently, to having on the show an amazing, Jewwy, lying "grand-mother" who only made herself out to being pathetically stupid, imagining she could substantially over-shadow or confute our forthright heroes, Prof. Fetzer and Wolfgang.

    Ho ho ho--Prof. Fetzer simply brought-up the recent FBI crime report which then got the Jewwy "grand-mother" to stuttering and stammering like an idiot, ho ho ho ho

    Note, as I've said, Sandy Hook, like JFK assassination, and 9/11, is instance of CLASSIC "BIG-LIE" technique, which is only possible or successful WITHIN A LARGER culture as we have now, dominated by ZOG and satanists, these necessarily led and controlled by same people who control US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEITING scam--JEWS, Jews, Jews, Jews, Jews--any gentiles are mere distractionary/diversionary to confuse idiots like Clare Kuehn, as we see.


  2. Clare KuehnSeptember 28, 2014 at 1:57 PM

    Nope. There are as many groups of elitists who are bad for us in some way, as there are types of people out there; however, when you wish to diminish dissent within power structures by saying only Jewish mobsters (of any kind, any metaphorical level of saying "mob") are the rulers of all or the "true" bad, you are being uncareful.

    Clare KuehnSeptember 28, 2014 at 2:00 PM

    And when I said "bad guys", in another post, anyone without your off-base pedantry about Satanism as Jewry alone and how good and bad are relative terms, knows that I meant you overaccuse some and underrepresent others in the people we fight (the "bad" because dangerous to common good).

    Clare K: Jew-Friendly Liar
    (Apollonian, 28 Sep 14)

    Satanists are led by the foremost satanists, who have the power--nearly infinite funding of central-banking, US Fed COUNTERFEIT scam, obviously, moron--COUNTERFEITING the apex of all organized crime, obviously, u infernal idiot.

    And u're a brainless, moronic liar--there are lots of satanists, including non-Jews, like there are lots of non-Jew communists, but Jews obviously have the power, THE MONEY, u stupid, satanic, lying moron.

    And "people we fight" include satanic liars like u, Clare K., crass, dumbass dis-info agent, w. all ur stupid babbling idiocy and outright lies.

    Further, Jews are, by definition, followers of Talmud which is anti-human war--war against humanity, up-holding of Jews as God, effectively, u utter, brainless, lying fool.

    For obviously, if satanism, by definition, features subjectivism, in essence, then leaders of satanism are foremost subjectivists--Jews. Q.E.D.

    apsterianSeptember 28, 2014 at 3:07 PM

    Observe this moronic string of assertions-without-substantiation and question-begging:

    Clare KuehnSeptember 28, 2014 at 1:57 PM

    "Nope. There are as many groups of elitists who are bad for us in some way, as there are types of people out there;...." [ASSERTION]

    "...however, when you wish to diminish dissent within power structures by saying only Jewish mobsters (of any kind, any metaphorical level of saying "mob") are the rulers of all or the "true" bad, you are being uncareful." [ASSERTION]

    And WTF is this moronic clause supposed to mean?--" wish to diminish dissent within power structures...."

    I thought Clare K. was allegedly supposed to be "smart." Ho ho ho ohho ho