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Saturday, September 27, 2014

How can BIG-LIES succeed, thrive?--answer: within a larger culture of "good-evil" moralism/Pharisaism, dominated by Jews and schizoids, obviously....

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The Large Cultural Context For BIG-LIES
(Apollonian, 27 Sep 14)

What I submit u (and others too) either overlook or ignore is 9/11, like JFK and Sandy Hook, are instances of huge, "big-lies" and BIG-LIE technique.

Question then is HOW these big-lies succeed--and there must be a larger context for this culture of big-lies, eh?--what could it be?

And what I submit is the culture is dominated by phony moralism/Pharisaism founded upon fallacious "good-evil" delusion.

Thus since the child-like people insist upon and "believe" this false "good-evil," the big-lies follow and are swallowed by these children in adult-form--as the big-lies rather second and then justify the original, more basic delusion/heresy (Pelagianism) of moralism/Pharisaism.

This over-all "good-evil" was then used by the master-minds to launch their wars, including the domestic war (still mainly psychologic) against the people, taking their rights, setting them up for "population-reduction" by means of toxic vaccines, drugs, GMO foods, etc.

So Simian, u go to great lengths to insist upon small potatoes, but what's ur pt.?--what conclusion is it u're really driving for?

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