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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Jews truly are the CORE of the satanic network & conspiracy....

Below-copied essays by ap first published at comments,

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It's Patriotic Duty To Endorse Christian Anti-Semitism
(Apollonian, 5 Sep 14)

Well James, I really liked ur guest who, I found, was one of those naïve sort, who's yet so honest that he actually gives most interesting, substantial info.

One of the neat things he pt'd out was that in the "truther" meetings he noted explicitly some "Jew" would begin to essentially disrupt any progress, the Jew typically bleating about "anti-Semitism," etc.  I note u acknowledged quite readily, ho ho ho ho.

Prof., u gotta face-up to the truth, the dirty-low-down--it TRULY IS Jews that's core of the satanic problem w. USA.  And ONLY way to deal w. this satanic-Jew problem is the REAL Christianity, featuring (a) TRUTH as topmost virtue/principle, the only way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), opposing Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

(b) And people gotta be honest enough to grasp Christianity as anti-Semitic.  To be sure, gentiles can be satanic too, but they're not nearly as organized as Jews who are the "glue," so to speak, which holds the satanic movement together--any Satanist who fails to toe party line put out by Jew masters is easily dealt-with, it seems.

Note then Christian TRUTH necessarily implies the objective (Aristotelian) reality, as only it serves as basis for "TRUTH."

The other thing u gotta realize, I submit, is that moralism/Pharisaism is the WEAK-PT. which allows Jew/Satanists to taking-over, psychologically, these Satanists presently manipulating the SCHIZOIDS so easily and effectively.

Perfect example of schizoids on this blog of urs is "one-born-brainless" and "911TruthNC."  Schizoids have difficulty discerning concretes fm abstracts, remember.

But to conclude here, the main, fundamental pt. is to oppose the Jews, the more explicit the better, but for ur google blog, u probably don't want to go further than "Zionism," like Chris Bollyn.  Jew/Satanists thus make use of the schizoid psychosis--by means of using moralism/Pharisaism, applying it in trendy modes as for "hip-hop music," etc.  Of course, even this moralism/Pharisaism tool for manipulating schizoids itself still requires the fiat-money & central-banking system for bribery, corruption, etc.

Note this Satanist psych manipulation can't and wouldn't work without that legalized COUNTERFEITING scam, the Fed--they necessarily go together.

Note finally, dear Christianity--the REAL thing--is actually perfectly comportable w. purest reason as it endorses TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all/any other precept(s).  U can't prove universal negative, so note there's no problem w. "God" idea, most useful for relating w. the broad public which needs leadership.


Soudy Brings Out Best From Fetzer For Leadership--Aside From Science, Investigation
(Apollonian, 5 Sep 14)

James: one more thing (at least) to be noted for ur excellent guest, Mr. Soudy, is he's so nearly desperate and emphatic for some kind of a leader-type, like urself, as he indicated.

Note Prof., Soudy is brilliant intellect in his way, and he's not idly appealing to u to exert this leadership role--he makes excellent pt. for this NECESSITY of leadership.  U nobly begged-off for any ability to too easily getting on the Jews-media--they, of course, would NEVER allow that, esp. fm the likes of u w. enclopedic knowledge, as of JFK conspiracy, etc.

Finally, the ONLY specific criticism I'd make is u most probably SHOULD NOT worry too much about whether it was "nukes" or DEWs--for it could have been both--along w. more conventional explosives.

Observe the amazing anomalies involved in 9/11--including esp. the Bankers Trust Bldg which was heavily affected as Judy Wood pt.s out--surely it wasn't nuke responsible for that.

And note u have tremendous base of INDUCTIVE evidence to work fm and with, including now JFK and Sandy Hook to make compelling case against ZOG and then especially its literal satanic nature.  In view of the Jews-media involvement in all these conspiracies, the satanic angle shouldn't be too difficult to pt.-out.

Thus it would be remiss to overlook and neglect the Christian weapon/instrument by which to attract and persuade the broad public--and to doing it in perfectly rationalist method which would comport w. ur own principles.

Mr. Soudy then would be well gratified for his honest, yet still astute appeal to u for ur leadership, good professor--note he appreciates ur talent in a way u might not have expected.  Soudy was truly most excellent interview and interlocutor.

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