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Friday, September 12, 2014

ZOG psychopathy now compounding, going critical--NO POSSIBLE DOUBT about conspiracy to overthrow US Constitution, idiots, get a clue, morons....

Psychopaths Getting Evermore Desperate: ZOG's Determination To Overthrow Constitution UN-MISTAKABLE, Dumbasses--GET A CLUE
(Apollonian, 12 Sep 14)

Comrades, u gotta start to beginning to growing some brain-cells--evidence is OVER-WHELMING: (a) these (ZOG) are TOTAL satanic psychopaths, and

(b) they're working, steadily, sedulously to overthrow US Constitution, idiots--face it--there can be no question.  Ck

Doubt the puke are psychopaths?--ck  Thus to "fight" "terrorists," trained, armed, supplied, and funded by ZOG, CIA, MOSSAD, et al., they're going to arm other "terrorists" they pretend and insist are "good" terrorists, but they're same criminal murderers and terrorists as before, etc.--and these Jew-puke imagine Americans are going to continue to swallow their stupid crap.

And just HOW stupid and psychotic are these scummy, murdering monsters?--ck this:

We need nullification and secession, and impeachment of these scummy pukes and psychopaths, emphasis on primacy of LOCAL GOV.  Note secession movements in Scotland and Catalonia (Spain).  Additionally, try to get into ur little pea-brains that Christianity is absolutely anti-Semitic, necessarily, Christ = TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, against Jew lies (Gosp. JOHN 14:6 & 8:44).

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