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Monday, September 22, 2014

Christianity must lead the necessary anti-ZOG revolution--BUT it itself must be understood properly....

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Christian Place In Culture Must Be Understood To Counter Present Satanic Regime Of Lies
(Apollonian, 22 Sep 14)

This was another great show, Prof.  And it's neat u acknowledge the idea of the money-supply being nearly infinite so the masters of that scam can do practically anything.

That's KEY to everything, the "events," the big-lies about them, the control over the media--all of it made possible by the COUNTERFEITING scam known as the US Fed.  Nothing will change till the US Dollar collapses, I'm afraid.

Meantime, we can only try to work setting-up for the rebellion as the currency collapses.  Thus to UNITE the people we need a cultural revolution, I submit, this regarding most especially that emotional/sentimental bond among the people, CHRISTIANITY--but understood in the right way so as to be most useful--oriented against this regime of criminal fraud and big-lies.

Thus Christianity must be understood as OPPOSING satanism--which is Judaism.  Thus Christianity emphasizes TRUTH, hence honesty, as greatest virtues towards Godly happiness, thus OBJECTIVITY, the necessary criterion/premise of such truth.

Present problem is Christianity is understood in far too Jew-friendly way, Judaism not well-enough understood as the satanism it really is.  Satanism thus is most extreme SUBJECTIVISM whence one is God creating one's own reality--Judaism, then, is a collective subjectivism.

So Prof. Fetzer, u only need do a show now on something like ur basic philosophic interest/subject-matter--THE CULTURE, and how Christianity and Judaism work in relation thereto.  That's why I so urge u to get Mike A. Hoffman II (fm, or Ted Pike ( or even Rev. Carlson ('re all very articulate and knowledgeable; Hoffman is even quite a hist. revisionist regarding holohoax.  Keep up ur great work.

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