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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Note: poor folks MUST have things placed in context for fullest understanding, including 9/11 and Sandy Hook psy-ops....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Jews Have SO MUCH Captured Western Culture, People Don't Realize
(Apollonian, 20 Sep 14)

Ur forum (see below-copied) looks very interesting simon--I'll have to ck things further, for sure.

Remember, regarding the holohoax, for example,--lots of people know about it (the hoax of it all), but too few care.  People continue to think Judaism is half-way legitimate religion, not realizing it's just Satanism--and that that's why Christianity opposes it, why Jews had to kill Christ, at least for the story, etc.

Doesn't mean Christianity is anything OTHER than literature, not necessarily actual history--it's just the opposing of contrary ideals/premises, Christian TRUTH vs. Jew lies; objectivity vs. subjectivism.
Jews have been SOOOOOOOO successful, they've even got people thinking of Christianity in Judaic ways--like for pretending Christianity has to be "believed" regardless of any factual content or value.  Christianity is first, and most, LITERATURE.

I suspect, if u can keep ur forum going, it will have more and more success, visitors--this, as US Dollar collapses. 

And one other thing: Note also the effect of "THE BIG LIE"--a lie so huge and outrageous, like "the US gov. WOULDN'T murder it's own people"--or launch a huge psy-ops like 9/11--that the people REFUSE to believe it even if they can formulate or grasp it for a moment.

Such a BIG-LIE surely operates and exists within our present putrid Jew-dominated culture--and 9/11 isn't the only one--Sandy Hook is another.

So we only need to present proper CONTEXT for our people--but even that will have to depend on circumstances--like imminent economic collapse for fullest effects.  Good luck.  A.

---------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------------------

Apsterian wrote:

"Gosh, I don't know "simon" (ho ho ho), but I'm sure good prof. would give u a try if u had any info--maybe u should sum it up, and then say why/how ur info is worth-while--what earth-shattering conclusions it would lead to?"

Well - I actually HAVE summed up my research into Ken Feinberg, Steven Rosenbaum and Charles Hirsch - on my own forum. Anyone can access my forum and read these articles:

About Ken Feinberg;

About Steven Rosenbaum:

About Charles Hirsch:


Simon Shack

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