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Monday, September 15, 2014

Joannie the Jew works to confuse the issue regarding who's behind 9/11 & HOW to investigate....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Joannie The Jew Continues Idiot Dis-Info
(Apollonian, 15 Sep 14)

Joannie the Jew says:

"I do believe Israel was involved big time in 9/11, but I don't think you've proved it. Nukes could have been used, but the more footage I see of scenes of 9/11, and there were many this13th anniversary--none of which made any sense--obviously spliced and doctored. The tapes are the key and you must explain all the anomalies especially those involving the victims and the compensation fund."

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Joannie fails to understand science, the inductive process/method, and proper course of criminal investigations--IT'S INDUCTIVE PROCESS. Note induction is defined as generalization.

Thus the various facts are collected and one considers most likely suspects based thereupon--Jews and Israel--they're everywhere, as Chris Bollyn makes clear, even if he makes serious mistakes in other ways ("planes" and the nano-thermite).

Once the most likely suspects are gathered and listed, one now looks for exculpatory evidence and factors--Jews are incapable of eliminating themselves for culpability--their fingerprints are ALL OVER 9/11.

Further, kikes continue to scream and protest they can't be suspected as it's "anti-Semitism," ho ho ho ho--which actually just confirms they did it.

BUT IT'S AN INDUCTIVE process, regardless, and once again, and ALL THE EVIDENCE pt.s to kikes--which they fail to explain, on the contrary.

This inductive process is the ONLY way things of investigation and science can possibly go, and the Jews and Israelis are rightly and heavily implicated--EVERYONE ELSE is effectively ruled out but for a few gentiles (CIA, FBI, etc.) who are always only "players" at the margins. Ruled-out MOST OF ALL are the Muzlims, ho ho ho, who had nothing to do w. anything but as PATSIES and fall-guys.

So Joannie the Jew, u need to begin to grasp and understand how investigations must proceed w. use of INDUCTIVE LOGIC along w. accurate observation. Indeed, ur gross ignorance combined w. ur groundless protestations merely demonstrates how ur intense efforts of dis-info are designed to inject confusion and thus aid Jews and Satanists. U only fool urself, but as u're so entertaining for ur pathetic attempts, I urge u to keep talking, ho ho ho hoo.

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