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Sunday, September 21, 2014

9/11, Sandy Hook, Aurora, all "BIG-LIES" within cultural-complex in Spenglerian CYCLIC "decline," in thrall to Jews, satanists....

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Success Of Conspiracy Depends Upon Cultural Circumstances
(Apollonian, 21 Sep 14)

Ho ho ho--that was incredible good vid (see below-copied), consp-skept, by golly--and I like what u say about TV too, the Jew-tube, Jews the master-liars, by Jove.

9/11, Sandy Hook, Aurora--these are simply "BIG-LIES" boldly told to the people by the masters of CHUTZPAH, eh?

Joannie Edwards tells us all about the TV vids being faked, she getting this fm simon shack--which is all surely true--even our good Prof. Fetzer acknowledges the TV fakery--but what's the LARGE CONTEXT?--and it's the TOTAL Jew domination of our "culture," such as it is, in horrific "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

And the culture is totally captive by means of the funny money-supply put out by that (legalized) COUNTERFEITING scam, US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed).  Thus Jew masterminds at the top have a nearly ENDLESS supply of funds by which to bribe, extort, and assassinate anyone who fails to "co-operate."

Further, and perhaps most tragic of all, our nominally "CHRISTIAN" culture is so totally dominated by these infernal Jews, "Christianity" now understood as something which SERVES THE JEWS, administered by collaborators taking money fm Jews, including the "Vatican," and all establishment elements of churchianity.

So we need a TOTAL cultural revolution--much like the French of 1789, but surely most like original of St. Constantine the Great of early 4th cent.

And of course, this revolution will only be possible when the currency collapses more conclusively, in the early stages as we speak, now.

For note, we're in grips of SATANIST dictatorship, and Judaism IS SATANISM, nothing more nor less--presently pretending to being a legitimate religion--which Christianity is supposed to oppose most forthrightly, but which it doesn't as Jews have arranged things so that present established Christianity seems to reject human REASON--the very opposite of original intention, Christ being symbol for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, above all/any other precepts (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

Satanism thriving within such Jew-oriented Western cultural "decline" is how BIG-LIES and conspiracy succeed and prevail, never doubt.

--------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------------
FBI FAIL - 38 Unreported Deaths - Mass Shootings - Sandy Hook - Aurora

Television is for advertising first. Propaganda second. Entertainment third.
Truth is unpopular and unprofitable.
Keep this in mind should you be forced to watch TV or happen to view it by accident.
Like sharing dirty needles, watching TV should never be done on purpose.

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