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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Telling dialectic btwn apster and a queer fm u-tube, ho ho ho ho

Here's a great dialectic w. a queer--though I didn't know it till later on when he finally admitted to it--after I'd softened him up w. heavy compliments, ho ho ho ho.  Ck

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Dialectic began upon general subject of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" novel, John Stossel noting it was inspiration for Libertarian party.  So the queer starts off w.

John Stossel is an idiot!
The future and security of America depends on good education, healthcare, and employment.
If everyone is stupid, sick, and unemployed, America fails!

to which I answered:

apollonian apollonius
6 days ago
U're a satanistic liar--stupid too, ho ho ho.  What u want is dictatorship, but u lie and pretend it isn't dictatorship--and then u say this dictatorship is good, u ignorant moron scum.

There've been now almost 40 responses back and forth, but here's a good exchange:
Frank D
1 day ago
+apollonian apollonius Son, I am a true patriot. I am for The United Sates above all else.
The United States of America cannot survive without good education, healthcare, and employment for it's people.
The Federal government's job is to protect it's citizens. Part of that is education. From the look of your responses, I can see you need MORE education.

apollonian apollonius
1 day ago
+Frank D Well Frank, u stupid ass, if U want to provide "education," that of course is ur right, BUT U HAVE NO RIGHT TO DEMAND OTHERS FINANCE AND FUND UR IDIOT SCHEMES for doing "good," stupid punk--don't u realize u're just going to get ur stupid punk ass CRUSHED?--u're a thief, on excuse for "doing good," dumbass--u're going to reap the fruits of insufficient force for ur punk attempts, stupid ass.

USA and anyone does best without punks like u using others' funds to do ur "good deeds," stupid ass--so u're gonna have to learn the hard way, sucker--and stupid puke like u are EASY to crush.

Same goes for "healthcare," dumbass.  "Employment"?--only productive people w. brains (unlike u) are capable of providing productive employment--and they can only do this in climate of FREEDOM, idiot--low taxes, no gov. regulations, just rule-of-law, that's all--and all history demonstrates.

Beware punk--people are fed-up w. "do-good" punks like u who've ruined USA--which has actually been dead since war btwn states back 150 yrs ago

Frank D
1 day ago
+apollonian apollonius Quite the limited vocabulary you have there, son.
You really should read a book. Preferably something written by someone who actually went to college instead of that bullshit propaganda that's infected your brain.

It wasn't social security and public school funding that caused the financial meltdown in '08. It was unregulated big shot corporate CEOs who thought they didn't owe this country anything.

We've seen the kind of destruction corporations can cause when they're allowed to exist without regulation. The polluted Cuyahoga river catching fire in '69, contaminated drinking water, drinking water catching fire, banks causing major economic disaster, auto company using faulty parts (ignoring the years of deaths it caused). Shall I go on?

My guess is that you're not old enough to remember the clouds of toxic emissions that hung over cities like Los Angeles and New York City. Maybe you've never seen a Thalidomide Baby.

It wasn't corporate money that cleaned up the mess. It was our tax dollars!

Corporations that gain success due to the policies of the U.S. owe this country a great deal. The free ride has to end.

I don't have children so, personally, I don't care how bad you all fuck up the planet.


apollonian apollonius
1 day ago
+Frank D Frank, u dumb, brainless bastard scum: corps can easily be dealt w. SIMPLY W. RULE-OF-LAW, u ignorant scum--they don't need "special" rules administered by bureaucrat puke who were chosen fm very ranks of corporatists they were supposed to "regulate."

Hey Frank, u ignorant puke--have u ever hrd of US Federal Reserve Bank?--do u know what it is and does?--it's literally legalized COUNTERFEITING--they just print-up money, u dumb bastard scum--all the money owned by top commercial banks, u stupid puke.

See what an ignorant flunky for dictatorship u really are?--u need to be killed, seriously--u're just a stupid traitor, that's all.

Ck link, given above, for more exciting back-and-forth btwn the queer and apster, ho ho ho ho

1 comment:

  1. D
    45 minutes ago

    +apollonian apollonius There you go with that "ho ho ho".
    You really are a creepy little troll.

    It makes me so happy that my existence frightens you. Your fear gives people like me power.
    You're just too stupid to see it.


    Apster replies:

    ho ho hoho ho--yes queer, u queers are indeed frightening, eh?--but u're ESPECIALLY "frightening" to the little kids u get to molest, eh?--that's why u want socialist dictatorship, eh?

    And thanks for ur queer admissions--like that u're "happy" u "frighten" people, that u're out for power--that says everything, doesn't it? U want America to "succeed" according to "power" given to queers to dominate, "educate," and "frighten" the kids and people. Thanks, queer--u're actually quite informative in ur way, indeed, ho ho ho ho ho

    And we notice u say nothing about "climate-change"--that's just stock prop. for "progressive" puke like urself. Jews, queers, Satanists, and schizoids--u're all buddies and allies against Christian, rationalist America. Keep talking to us, queer, ho ho ho ho ho