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Monday, September 8, 2014

Jews and their shills are amazing for effrontery, pretending to stupidity, ho ho ho--"is MOSSAD really that arrogant"?--ho ho ho--is pope catholic? ho ho ho

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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MOSSAD Is "Arrogant," Un-Questionably--Just As Talmud Teaches
(Apollonian, 8 Sep 14)

"Hmmmm": u ask (see below-copied), "[i]s MOSSAD really that arrogant"?--well yes, in case u didn't know--and how could u NOT know?  U ask ur question not seeming to understand any kind of context.  Ur ignorance is tooooo convenient.

First of all, Jews and Israelis are Talmudists--didja know that?--don't u know what Talmud teaches?--WAR AGAINST GENTILES (see and for best expo).  Passover and Purim "holidays" for kikes celebrates mass-murder of gentiles--didja know that?--I'll bet u actually do know this; u're just playing stupid, like typical Jew shills.

There may well be diff. factions of Jews, aside fm the Israelis, but they still co-operate quite a bit, the other main faction being perhaps the "leftists" behind Obongo who work w. United Nations "globalists" who want to exterminate most of the world's population, Israelis perhaps wanting to go slower to keeping more goyim around by which to continue parasitizing, as usual.

There are also some lower-level Jews (sociologically, but still quite wealthy) who support libertarians and such as Ron Paul.

Do u realize these Jews demand the freeing of traitor-spy Jonathan Pollard?--that they celebrate the terror-bombing of the King David Hotel fm back in 1946 which killed over 90 at the time?

Jews and MOSSAD are "arrogant," first because they're filled w. HUBRIS, and they're psychopaths by their murderous, satanic religion, but then also because they rather have every reason to be arrogant, they owning and controlling all politicians and judges, etc., w. only few exceptions, this by means of their control over US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT fraud.  Jews also have at least 3 and probably 4 of their people on US Sup. ct.

Jews are the core and top master-minds, using afore-mentioned US Fed COUNTERFEITING by which they buy and bribe and extort everyone, but there are accomplices among the goyim, no doubt, these being, among others, organized homosexuals on "left," and esp. the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo) hereticalists on the neo-con "right."

So if u want to pretend there are any other factions or groups, elements, or "perpetrators," then u'd have to say what they could possibly use as power-base, NOTHING capable of standing-up against US Fed COUNTERFEITING.  U "protesteth too much" for ur girl-like ignorance.

--------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied------------

HMMMMSeptember 7, 2014 at 8:38 PM

Dr. Fetzer, although I am inclined to be in agreement with most of your explanations regarding the events of 9/11..there are two items that I don't quite follow.

1) You mention a C130 flying over the Pentagon dropping debris on the lawn. Wouldn't this have been a remarkable and observable event in itself? Dropping chunks of metal from a plane would have caused scarring of the lawn... and wouldn't it present too small of a target to be hit with any precision from a fast moving aircraft? Your thoughts?

2) Why would these Israelis make such obvious incriminating actions, such as the towers painted on vans, high fiving at the towers collapse, etc. Is the Mossad really that arrogant? or is it possible that this stuff just one more layer of obfuscation from a different perpetrator? Even all these arrogant actions of Netanyahu (the Gaza devastation, the land grab, etc) seems somewhat like another obvious ploy where the real perpetrators might be using the Israelis as a "straw bad guy" for us all to focus on. I'm inclined to believe that they might be that arrogant.. but I'm also wary of how obvious these events are... Kind of like "hey, look no further than Israel... there's your bad guys". I have not reached a conclusion, but would be interested in your thoughts.

Thank you for all your broadcasts. I'm a regular listener

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