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Friday, September 5, 2014

Who's worse off for hubris?--satanists or schizoids?--who's more insane?....

Satanists Imagine They Will Finagle Schizoids To Slavery, Suicide, Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 5 Sep 14)

Observe the chutzpah, nerve, hubris, and effrontery of power-mad satanic psychopaths w. Obongo's latest amazing invention asserted in recent speech: "immigrant rights," these in preference to Americans.  See

Another amazing and outrageous presumption is "priority" to be given to "employment rights" of immigrants and aliens; see

Who else could possibly tolerate such encroachment but schizoids sated w. bread & circuses?--and over whom Satanists imagine they control.  Again, be sure to ck my original essays on Satanists and schizoids of Aug 27 and 29.

Personally, I think Satanists and kikes seem to really be over-reaching w. recent antics of Obongo and his crowd for "climate-change" (see, bringing in ebola-infected patients, and the child-trafficking for youthful illegal aliens, not to mention war-mongering in Ukraine and exploiting their latest "terrorist" clients, "ISIS," which they've generated, funded, supplied, and armed--power-mad, hubris-filled psychopaths they truly are.

All the people need is a little Christian honesty for seeing the real truth about satanic scum and Jews.  And I think Satanists are mis-judging the schizoids for their credulity and gullibility.

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