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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Alex Jones ( screaming about up-coming false-flag--maybe--all depends upon reception by schizoids

Alex Jones (, Others Screaming About Up-Coming False-Flag Soon
(Apollonian, 4 Sep 14)

Observe lots of folks are predicting/forecasting a 9/11-style false-flag coming-up which would seem to be bad move, but that's all ZOG has, US Dollar collapsing as we see Jew S A trying to start war over Ukraine, eh?  But ZOG must do something about the I-net, but what?  Another thing ZOG is toying with is the ebola plague.

So remember who rules ZOG--Satanists and Jews--and note these people are insane as they get power-mad for their success in manipulating these stupid schizoid morons (see this site, Aug 27 blog article).

And note schizoids only need consistent feeding for "good-evil" delusion--as is duly supplied by movies, TV, entertainment, the establishment Christian and religious institutions, and certainly not least, the edjumacation establishment--this is enough to keep the masses befuddled and wrapped round little fingers of Satanists.

For again, remember schizoids have difficulty distinguishing reality of concretes vs. abstracts--as for "good-evil" delusion built upon inferiority-complex of schizoid morons and further conceit and delusion of a perfectly "free" human will.

That's why, the "good-evil" delusion, Alex Jones ( is kept around and about--Alex also likes to pretend he's "Christian" as he eats Jews' excrement, Alex made rich by all his Jew sponsors and advertisers.

Regardless whether a false-flag occurs, fact remains ZOG and satanists are in serious difficulty for what they must do to maintain their present high-riding position, carried by schizoids and fading Dollar.

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