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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Never forget just HOW Jew/satanists control/rule in practical actuality--the money machine (legalized COUNTERFEITING)....

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Money Issue Is MOST Important For Practical Jew/Satanist Power Over Present Culture
(Apollonian, 14 Sep 14)

Well comrades: this show w. J.B. Wells was a brilliant recitation and performance--another one--by our excellent analysts, commentators, and observers, Prof. Fetzer and Dennis Cimino.

But Prof., and once again, I'm a little puzzled for ur failing here--u missed an opportunity, near the beginning when Wells asked u about Israel, as u went over ur "problems" w. such entity which so easily and routinely "wags the dog."

And that missing item, once again, is of course, "central banking" which literally (legalistically) COUNTERFEITS the money supply/currency, which then allows Jew satanists to own and control EVERYTHING--which Dennis Cimino much later in the show referred to--and NEARLY everyone.

For if one doesn't submit and buckle-under to bribes and extortion enabled by this nearly infinite ability to fund and finance things, they can, in the end, simply assassinate u by paying-out couple hundred bucks to a coke-addict and then using their already-bought-and-paid-for cops, lawyers, judges and Jews-media to cover it all up.

U CONSISTENTLY miss this item regarding US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEITING, Professor, and I seriously begin to wondering why/how.

Dennis Cimino later began to cover the issue, but even he grossly mis-under-estimated (ho ho hoo) the problem when he said these Jews owned half the world's assets--this is inaccurate--for as they own & control the gov.s, judges, police, etc., they effectively own it all, able to instigate police civil forfeitures, confiscations, etc.--and they certainly CONTROL everything too, whether they "own" it or not.

This Fed COUNTERFEITING, then, is literal KEYSTONE to ALL OTHER ORGANIZED CRIME--and even much of the un-organized crime--which criminality and satanism has such strangle-hold over our culture.  For the financing/funding is what then enables everything/anything else whatever.

Perhaps u have difficulty w. what constitutes REAL "money"?--well, observe it MUST be a commodity, best being gold/silver.  For if it's just paper, then it can be replicated and proliferated endlessly just by adding more zeroes behind the number showing on the bill.  Only a commodity standard prevents such "inflation" (COUNTERFEITING) problem, u see.

The Austrians, as at, have the best, most coherent grasp of the money issue, esp. their great theorist, Murray Rothbard, who's written several works on the subject.  Another great, tremendous exposition on money subject is G.Edward Griffin's "The Creature From Jekyll Island."  Griffin has lots of neat vids, too, on YouTube.

Another problem, not insignificant, was when u otherwise so virtuously cited the "religion" and religious conflict btwn murderous, psychopathic Talmudism and our dear, traditional Christianity, u UTTERLY FAILING to note TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH as foremost value and virture, Christ = TRUTH, as at Gosp. JOHN 14:6--it isn't "love," or "faith," or "peace," or "good" or "compassion" as u mentioned, but ONLY TRUTH which then enables best all/any of the others.

But God will surely forgive all ur minor mistakes, and u'll un-questionably make it at least into purgatory, no doubt, ho ho ho ho.  Keep up ur good work, comrades.  A.


Perhaps I should have added the significance of Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH as foremost ideal/precept.

For note: the existence of TRUTH is necessarily and logically dependent upon the Aristotelian, OBJECTIVE reality which gives such TRUTH its basis/foundation/referent.

Such truth and objectivity then opposes the Judaic/Talmudic subjectivism fronted by satanic Pharisaism/"good"--always designed and manipulated then to favoring what's "good for Jews."

For what are lies and lying but subjectivist propositions asserted to being real or objective?--which lie the Jew/satanist justifies by insisting there is no objective reality, hence plausibility for his deception founded in subjectivism.


Don't Forget How/Why Kikes Hate Christ/Christianity

For note and never doubt THERE IS GOOD REASON kikes soooooooooooo HATE our dear Christianity--and it's why their clients, the ISIL/ISIS terrorists mass-murder Christians much as it's possible.

They murdered Christ (TRUTH) because they're truly the "sons of satan," supreme liar, "father of lies," as Christ noted at Gosp. JOHN 8:44--this is real significance of dear Christianity, so disgustingly forgotten and covered-up by present-day scum and charlatans pretending to be "Christian," like traitors Charles Hagee and Pat Robertson who take Jew money.

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