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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Doubt Jews are consummate liars, satanists?--ck the lies exposed by apster....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Jew Satanists Gloat Over False Prosecution Of Ed Steele Like They Gloat In Talmud Over Murder Of Christ
(Apollonian, 14 Sep 14)

It's quite obvious both "Anastasia" and "Hadding Scott" (ho hoo ho--notice the "Scott" to disguise the Jew author) are a couple of liars, psychopaths, and satanists--and surely Jews, for Jews are always the leading satanists, just like they're always the leading communists, bankers, and top corp. CEOs.

For the actual, simple fact is the corrupt judge in the case actually did rule that at least one of the "experts" could indeed testify, as we note fm Ed Steele (in his recorded int-view, above), but the Jews/satanists contrived to bribe or in some other way to "persuade" the jet transport company to suddenly REFUSE to fly Steele's expert fm vacation in Tahiti, I understand.

And the lie I note above is just one of the numerous lies so casually and non-chalantly told by our satanists, "Anastasia" and "Scott": observe these Jew satanists insist the present corrupt American justice system is all nice and fair for everyone, ho ho ho ho--need I say more?

Same goes for the thoroughly corrupt FBI which is known to be totally controlled and working for Jew satanists.

And why was the Jew/satanist -controlled FBI recording Ed Steele in the first place?--answer: they were engaged in manufacturing and trumping-up charges, obviously, as they've done soooooooooo many times against Americans, gentiles, Christians, and anyone who resists these devilish satanists and Jew conspirators, criminals, and psychopaths.

Indeed, Jewwy satanists did PRECISELY the very same thing in contriving false testimony by means of supposed "recordings" in case of Jim Garrison, the heroic D.A. of New Orleans who prosecuted Jew collaborator and CIA operative, Clay Shaw.

And HOW do these Jews and satanist criminals and psychopaths so completely control, dominate, and manipulate Jew S A and practically the entire world?--simple--by means of controlling the money/currency in "central-banking" and such as US Federal Reserve Bank, Bank of England, ECB, etc.

But WHY did Jew/satanists work so intensively, singling-out hero and patriot, Ed Steele?--ho ho ho--just ck Steele's classic works which expose Jews: "You Knew I Was A Jew," at and "It Wasn't Arabs" at

Keep talking to us, Jews and satanist liars and psychopaths, like "Anastasia" and "Scott": ur lies are always sooooo entertaining and even comical.

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