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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

9/11 terror attacks?--it's ZOG at work, suckers, trying to keep u morons scared, terrorized, DEPENDENT--u need to grow some brains, idiots....

Will ISIS Attack On 9/11?--Ho Ho Ho--Get A Clue--It's ZOG Satanists On The Attack, Suckers
(Apollonian, 10 Sep 14)

Note comrades, there's the usual babble on the Jews-media about terror-attack(s) on this occasion of 9/11 anniversary, but don't doubt:

(a) ISIS and "al Qaeda" are ZOG creations, and this is well-known and proven.  Here's just the latest story on Western sponsorship of ISIS: 

(b) And all/any "terror attacks" are proven FBI/CIA jobs.  Ck this fm Jew-York Times fm back in 2012,

Okay?--so try to grow some brains, u dumb, brainless bastards--TO SAVE UR STUPID LIVES, dumbass puke.  Ho ho oho ho ho ho.  Only real, true patriots are un-compromising anti-semites; anyone else is either stupid scum or outright traitors--there are a few who are ok, even if young and/or still honestly trying to figuring things out, and these are our hope.

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