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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Gee whiz, isn't it a doggone shame that prostitutes pushing ZOG got their nasty photos hacked?--my heart bleeds, by golly....

"Hacking" Of Compromising Photos Mere Poetic Justice
(Apollonian, 6 Sep 14)

Well, the recent hacking of private and even deleted photos of prominent people, like the "A-list" Hollywood stars, see, is not only note-worthy, but actually quite justified and appropriate when one considers these "prominent" people are really just prostitutes pushing ZOG and the police-state--so why shouldn't their material be hacked?--don't they deserve it?--in fact, isn't it only to be expected?

Same will surely go for Alex Jones ( who presently poses for Jew and Israeli legitimacy--even though, to be sure, old Alex does quite a bit of good despite his putrid defending of Jews and attacking Adolf Hitler, Alex warning of the poisoned vaccines, poison fluoride in the drinking-water, GMOs, geo-engineering, etc.

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