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Monday, November 30, 2015

Numerology: glorified fascination of Jews, masons, satanists, pretended idiomatic meant to intimidate....

Below-copied first published at comments,

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Numerology: Evermore satanic Diversion, Pretended Idiomatic
(Apollonian, 1 Dec 15)

Numerology is fascination w. numbers, and fascination is a kind of addiction or obsession. Thus one is addicted (or not) to drugs, drink, and other things, but would one say numerology is "addiction"? I know for myself I'm easily fascinated w. chess, as are others too, but is it same as addiction?

Thus these fascinations and addictions so often threaten to taking-over fm the consciousness and intellect, and the struggle is always to stay the master of one's pleasures, fascinations, vices, pastimes, etc., this mastery known as philosophy.

And what then is life itself but an addiction?--for WHY do we bother to living?--answer: well, we're addicted basically and fundamentally. Philosophy then takes this addiction into best consideration. Wisest living then is the management of these addictions, fascinations, etc.

Thus numerology is to mathematics as astrology is to astronomy, math and astronomy being the most philosophic treatments. So it's okay to be fascinated, even addicted, but best to be philosophical and thus to managing things wisely and best.

And it's surely true numerology is exploited, no less than is sex-appeal in advertisement and the ad industry.

Thus sociologically we observe WHO is so much fascinated w. this numerology--Jews and masons--hence criminals. And we see Jews and masons making a kind of idiom out of this numerologic fascination of theirs--it all means something to them, including additionally, at the lower-levels of the criminal culture, their idiotic sign-language they like to flash and and motion w. their hands and bodily postures, even in dances they like to do. Numerology blends-in w. symbology in general.

Thus numerology is distinct mystic idiom of criminals--others too, perhaps, but especially criminals and gangsters, these always led by the masterminds, especially Jews.

So if u have a numerologic fascination it may mean u're mathematically inclined, mathematics then the way of wisdom, but if u can't become organized and cannot manage such fascination, then that's not a good sign--as bad as being incapable of managing one's taste for drink, for example.

And people incapable of managing fascinations are no ultimately better than those who fail for addictions, like to drinking and drugs, though drinking and drugs are more immediately fatal in the scheme of things.

Thus as we observe our present society continue to degenerate in CYCLIC Spenglerian "Decline of the West," we'll surely continue to see this numerologic fascination evermore emphasized as way of consuming and intimidating, even hypnotizing the poor survivors of ever worsening cultural tumult and disaster.

Numerology thus is revealed as glorified distraction and pretended idiomatic pushed by satanists and Jews by way of diversion and intimidation--a fascination over the long-term as destructive as any addiction as to drink or drugs--they all go together, actually.

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