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Monday, November 2, 2015

Discussion(s) of politics, religion only require art, diplomacy, strategy, remembering relevant ethical end....

Below-copied by ap first submitted (not yet published, but there are good chances) at comments,

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Discussion Of Religion, Politics, Only Requires Grasp Of Ethical Pretext
(Apollonian, 2 Nov 15)

Being avid scholar of economics, history and theory, I can assure u main purpose of masonry fm 17th through 18th and into the 19th cent.s was as conduit for Judaic infiltration of gentile society, esp. upon pretext of finance. Note establishment of Bank of England fractional-reserve institution of 1694. John Law's paper-money scheme went into business in early 18th cent. Richard Cantillon, the first scientific economist made his great economic analysis and observations, as well as a fortune, as he commented upon his friend, John Law.

Observe further, the masonic membership of Fred. the Great of Prussia and other contemporary imperialists of England and France--what could be the purpose for such common masonic "internationalism" among otherwise highly competitive rival empires?--answer: FINANCE--by who?--by the u-know-whos--who else? Ho ho ho ho

Masonry closely paralleled the court Jews, as the infamous "Jud Suess" in early 18th cent. Masonry was the way the Jews interfaced w. gentiles, u see? So naturally, they MUST keep secret their designs for international financial empire built upon legalized COUNTERFEITING and fiat-money/central-banking systems (see for expo on central-banking)--discretion was the watchword for these criminals and frauds. DON'T attract attn. is necessary watch-word or -phrase.

Spartacus-Weishaupt of the infamous "illuminati" was only one of Jews' prominent and quite successful front-men and organizers who worked to organize the masons w. even greater centralized control and definite plan for controlling society.

Regarding political and religious discussions, it only demands diplomacy and strategy for choice and achievement of whatever ends are sought. Ultimate ends must be agreed upon prior to any serious discussions, for politics and religion are designed for such ultimate ends and only if these ends are well recognized are discussions of mere means even allowed or tolerated, obviously.

And that's the problem: what should be ultimate ends?--a heavily ethical subject-matter, obviously. Here in Jew S A, presently, obvious problem is the satanism and hence extreme subjectivism which ravages and steadily destroys our very system of law, hence then economic system--IT MUST BE ADDRESSED and in successful and effective fashion or there will be nothing less than catastrophe which beckons as we speak, US Dollar about to decisively COLLAPSE, the economy following, USA then to becoming a 3rd world nation.

So we need to REMOVE this horrific satanic central gov. we have and to restoring US Constitution, states-rights, nullification, and commodity-based monetary standard. Removing Jews, leaders of satanism, will require removing Jews' strongest, most effective allies, the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) heretics and atanists--and this isn't difficult in theory.

But people still require motivation and inspiration, positive or negative, to be willing to consider necessity of facing-up to this horrific, dread satanism, and it seems it will only come w. stimulus of social turmoil and greater dis-comfort--people observing, for example, the Jews gloating in midst of gentile misery and mis-fortune. Things will have to get worse before Christian patriots can make more dramatic progress.

But remember, and be inspired by the great Christian revolution of early 4th cent. Roman empire which revived the empire, briefly at least, under leadership of St. Constantine the Great.

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