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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Suvival of humanity requires evermore urgently thorough understanding for sociology, history, etc....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Thorough, Most Rational Understanding Needed For Survival Of Humanity
(Apollonian, 31 Oct 15)

Unknown: ur problem is u only half-understand in ur half-baked way what really goes on, what rules, what works, what MUST happen in accord w. what's actually in control.

And what RULES (since at least 1913) is that criminal enterprise known as central-banking (see below citations). LBJ and Nixon are mere pawns and bag-men--they don't "agree" to anything, but simply do as they're told as afore-mentioned CFR et al. (see for expo on CFR) direct them in a kind of satanic "group-think," so far sooo successful in its infernal manner, given the circumstances of a formerly successful culture now corrupt and decadent.

Criminals most often rule in history, as they're so willing to take initiative in violence, and even when they don't they're simply getting ready to take-over, for our poor stupid people, now so hubris-affected, cannot grasp the substance and meaning of such abstract concept as MONEY--which must be commodity-based, hence gold/silver being best (see and for expo on money, central-banking).

And the poor, stupid, hubristic and over-populated people are persuaded STILL that such criminal enterprise has brought them "prosperity" even as they're steadily destroyed by POISON GMO foods and additives, poisoned water w. chlorine and fluoride, toxic vaccines, and poisoned atmosphere ("chem-trails") and deathly electronic and micro-wave effects, ho ho ho.

U can't seem to figure-out Nixon couldn't have been "pt.-man" except only in certain ways for political/propaganda purposes, and u give no reasoning or citations to back ur half-baked claim.

Our culture/society is thus FILLED to over-flowing w. half-baked people like u who think u know anything, and that's the very problem, for the criminals in charge now are DESPERATE and have turned to most radical, drastic measures to combat and fight for their continued place at top of society, ever degenerating.

Thus society is still in horrific CRISIS, definitive currency and economic -collapse on-going, morons, fools, and scum, still over-populated, continuing to follow lead of SATANISTS and Jews, such as Fetzer very little help in large scheme, even though he clings to validity of sense-perception as basis of rational epistemology, too little and too late.

Unfortunately, it really looks like there needs be large die-off/kill-off of inferiors and weaklings, suckers and fools, who have supported the criminal regime which continues to cling successfully to power, led by Jews and satanists.

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