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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fetzer: EXPOSED for pompous, senile, ignorant old moron....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Fetzer: EXPOSED As Pompous, Senile, Ignorant Old Fool, Nothing More
(Apollonian, 25 Oct 15)

Well, this dialectic (see below-copied) shows us some interesting things regarding Fetzer and his understanding of the Jew and satanist captivity of what's left of gentile, Christian, and Western culture, degenerated so horribly now into such gross hubris in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

And Jews are race indubitably if they steadily mate w. one another over numerous generations, which is what's happened. "Anti-semitism" ought to be understood the way Jews construe it--ANTI-JEW--works for me.

But surely most of all we're confronted w. the amazing, abysmal, sheer ignorance of Fetzer regarding Jews and Judaism, Fetzer making a non-existent and absolutely moronic "distinction" btwn Tamudic Judaism and Torah Judaism, ho ho ho ho. For Judaism = Talmudism (= subjectivism and satanism), by definition.

It's true there's slight problem of equivocation for meaning of word, "Jew," as some of the original (Roman) writers tended to call all the denizens of Judea, "Jews"--when "Jews" (esp. nowadays) are properly understood as followers of Pharisees and Talmud, distinct fm Judeans, "Jews" the followers of Pharisees who were only about 5% or so (the middle-class) of people of Judea, Judeans, at time of Christ.

There are no "Torah Jews," though there are a few supposed descendents of Judeans who reject the Talmud, who call themselves "Karaites," but these Karaites so few now as to be utterly insignificant. See also Gosp. MATT, ch. 15, where Christ identifies and distinguishes Pharisees for their heresies.

Otherwise, Fetzer just lies when he says he can't figure-out what's meant regarding his failure to considering all the evidence and info regarding basic facts of Sandy hoax, including (a) the element of CENTRAL-BANKING, as I plainly described, (b) as well as the other items regarding the other, similar, fraudulent psy-ops, including Boston bombing, Charleston, SC, "shootings," "Eliot Roger shootings," etc.

The senile old fool (Fetzer) then says he'd be surprised if anyone undertood the diff. btwn induction and deduction.

So we see Fetzer is so idiotically pompous--and surely quite SENILE, truth be told--it's pretty useless talking to someone like him, ho ho ho. But at least we get the truth out, regarding Fetzer's miserably flawed analysis, and the joke is on those poor people who depend on such as Fetzer who imagine he's only one who knows anything about science or logic or reasoning, etc.

-------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied---------------

David Norton October 25, 2015 at 12:12 AM

Mr. Fetzer: Not to speak for Apsterian but I think in condensed version, we must do more than strike at the branches, we have to get at the root of it all. The entire criminal and immoral conspiracy.

I think he thinks you should be as candid as Brother Nathanael. Let it all hang out.


James Fetzer October 25, 2015 at 6:48 AM

David, Fair enough! But how am I go get a handle on a series of assertions for which he offers no arguments? Let me illustrate with two of his complaints as follow:

3. Thus u're guilty of FAILURE of science and logic in way of (a) noting ALL the facts and details, and then (b) INDUCTION to proper conclusion.

As a philosopher of science and professor of logic, I have published and taught extensively on deductive and inductive reasoning, especially what is known as
"inference to the best explanation", which I discuss in the Prologue. What am I supposed to have wrong?

I would be surprised if apterian could even define the properties that distinguish inductive from deductive reasoning. Certainly, although he has asserted this AGAIN AND AGAIN, I have seen nothing to give the least indication he knows what he is talking about. I am therefore at a loss as to how to respond.

4. Another gross FAILURE is ur (typical) refusal to consider Judaic Talmud which explicitly teaches this satanism, (extreme) subjectivism, and literal criminality, war against humanity (gentiles).

On the contrary, I have addressed the (important) distinction between Talmidic Judaism and Torah Judaism, where everything I have learned about the former causes me grave concerns about anyone who would embrace its doctrines. But that cannot be said about the latter, where apsterian, so far as I can see, draws no distinctions between them: they are all JEWS and therefore despicable!

How am I to countenance such extreme anti-Semitism? I am critical of the policies and actions of the government of Israel across a wide range of issues, which I frequently address on "False Flag Weekly News", which is presented every Thursday from 11-Noon/ET (10-11 AM/CT).

So what am I missing? I seem to recall apsterian has commented on my interview with David Duke, "IQ, Race and Politics" on The Real Deal, where the Talmudic/Torah distinction is addressed. But I am not an anti-Semite and cannot embrace his world view. I have no idea what more you would have me do. Brother Nathanael does his thing; I do mine.


James Fetzer October 25, 2015 at 8:15 AM

David, your comment has led me to appreciate that apsterian is concerned about the broader historical and cultural context within which events like Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing take place. I agree that there is more to be said, where I am doing my best to clarify exactly what happened and did not happen as a necessary precondition to assigning responsibility and blame.

I can carry this only so far with regard to Sandy Hook (the teachers, School Board, CT State Police, Governor, US Attorney General and the President of the US), 9/11 (Bush, Cheney, the Neo-Cons in the Department of Defense and the Mossad) and so forth.

The kinds of issues that remain concern the role of those players within a broader context of political and financial interests, the forces behind the scene who are pulling the strings and such. I am doing what I can to carry these issues as far as I can, where I appreciate what others (such as Preston James and Peter Dale Scott) are doing with those larger concerns. So I get it and agree that their work is of enormous importance, too.


David Norton October 25, 2015 at 8:58 AM

Mr. Fetzer: I don't think anti-semitism actually exist as the Jews are not a race but a tribe tied to a religion. I would even gather Duke would state no difference between Talmudic and Torah Jews as to be able to move to Israel, one has to be a Jew. Israel checks and traces DNA. Further, perhaps Duke has spoke of Elaine Kagan, appointed to the USSC only because she is a Jew as a undistinguished jurist. Jews over-represent their kind in career choices by 2500 percent! There is no anti-semitism.

As far Apsterian, I think he wordsmiths as some of his meme is hard to follow. However, his global view of what is going on today is pretty accurate. For example, in your educated opinion, what is the ultimate goal of promoting gun grabbing legislation?

Thanks for your kind replies.

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