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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fetzer's incompetence, subversion is well and pains-takingly detailed, hack, charlatan, gate-keeper....

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Fetzer's Incompetence, Subversion Is Well Detailed
(Apollonian, 15 Oct 15)

Dear shit-for-brains scum: there's no way u could possibly know what u lie about above--get it?--and this is obvious to anyone (ho hoo ho, see above citation).  People can read my stuff for themselves, moron.  All u do is repeat same, stupid lies which have been refuted pt. by pt, detail by detail, several times now.

Like I say about Fetzer: he's (a) academic hack, pushing same stupid drivel students are taught in academia to keep them stupid and incapable of serious thinking, including esp. (1) subjectivism, (2) "ethics" of "good-evil" delusion, legitimization and puffing of gross, putrid mystics and inferior thinkers, like Bentham and Kant; (3) that Judaism is respectable, refusing and neglecting even for basic investigation of what it is and entails (see, (4) Christianity is mere "religion" w. no philosophic/cultural respectability or substance.

(b) Fetzer is gross, disgusting GATE-KEEPER who keeps the investigative/analytic focus upon mere details, this while he leaves out many key details, for example, the leading, definitive criminal conspiracy which already is in place (since 1913) and absolutely dominating and ruling the entire culture, the literally legalized COUNTERFEITING scam of central-banking, US Federal Reserve Bank (see and for expo on Fed fraud), which has allowed and given the satanists all their practical power to liberally and abundantly finance every aspect of 9/11, Sandy hoax, and the JFK assassination, among all the other sundry and numerous crimes, including WWII, Korean war, Vietnam, etc.

(c) Fetzer FAILS miserably for INDUCTIVE LOGIC (generalization) to the necessary theory regarding large satanic conspiracy.  For example, Fetzer fails to note the steady MONOPOLIZATION of the entire culture and economy towards one-world gov./dictatorship, effected in practice by the large and various corporations, this following the monopolization of the "currency" (not monetary) system by the Federal Reserve, these evermore blatantly criminal corp.s now literally dictating the elimination of free enterprise, forcing the people to be slow-killed (1) by means of poison food, esp. GMOs and other additives, including the poisoning of the agricultural system by means of glyphosates, (2) by means of toxic vaccines and other (deliberately) deadly medical practices, esp. for pushing of forced drugging of the population(s).  (3) And yet other poisons include such as fluoride deliberately put into the water, still in many places, and (4) the seeding of the atmosphere w. other poisons by means of "chem-trails," which also works in way of prejudicial and destructive geo-engineering.

So Fetzer's leading place in the scheme of things regarding diversion fm and cover-up of the large satanic conspiracy is quite plain when one looks and sees thing in the large view--which philosophy properly teaches, but which Fetzer knows too little about, in all truth, hack and incompetent charlatan as he really and truly is--enabling and placing him thus as most effective GATE-KEEPER, as I've noted and pains-takingly detailed here and in other places.  Fetzer not only FAILS miserably, but he and many others like him, as in the corrupt academia, are actually integral part of the satanic problem, all truth be told.

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