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Friday, October 23, 2015

Hoffman the Pharisaic & charlatan: ignorant of reality, physics, philosophy; ignorant of the real Christianity, no less....

Below-copied by ap first submitted, but not published, ho ho ho, at comments,

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Hoffman At Sea, Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 22 Oct 15)

So Hoffman, what are u saying?--Christ = TRUTH, yes or no?--truth then being the ONLY WAY TO GOD (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--is this true or false? So if there's TRUTH (= Christ), then that means there must be an objective (God-created) reality necessarily under-lying, right?--giving basis/premise to TRUTH--is this true or false? Should be simple issue for u.

This, above, is aside fm what u suggest is the position of Einstein, whatever that is, which u don't say but evidently, merely presume.

HOW then is it possible that reality is other than what's "observed"?--for if it's observed, then that's way it is, right? If something is a given way, then that must be (a) the objective nature and reality, (b) observable and observed, right?

For how can it be said that reality is OTHER than what's "observed"?--or are there differing, conflicting observations?--how can this be in an objective reality? For if reality is not objective, hence subjective, then ANYTHING GOES, right?--what's going on, Hoffman?--tell us.

Ho ho ho ho, Of course u'll have to delete this entry too, Hoffman, as u're obviously, typically, and once again, utterly out of ur element, eh? Just as u don't grasp basic nature of reality, physics, and human reason, u similarly don't even understand basic Christianity which ABSOLUTELY opposes Jew/Talmudic subjectivism.

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