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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fetzer is far too limited to facts-orientation, and even these are selective....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Fetzer Has Problems, But Actual Facts, Details Of Sandy Hoax Are Quite Accurate
(Apollonian, 24 Oct 15)

Fetzer is indubitably a hack, limited-hangout, controlled opposition, gate-keeper, as I describe and explain, above, but the info and details documented in this particular blog are all true, and there are all necessary ref.s given for those details. So u, anon, at 6:56pm are simply lying, typical Jew-spew (see below-copied).

Fetzer's real failure is (a) he doesn't give ALL THE DETAILS which are pertinent, esp. regarding proper CONTEXT, including central-banking which accounts then for the financing, including control of all the factors, mass-media, politicians, and law-enforcement which must be involved for such a thorough-going criminal fraud/hoax as Sandy hoax.

(b) Fetzer fails for proper philosophy and CONTEXT, including not only Sandy hoax, but all the other, similar psy-ops and fake "shootings," and additionally, other specific conspiracies, like JFK, RFK assassinations, 9/11, etc.

(c) Fetzer fails then for INDUCTION to the proper large theory, including not only Sandy hoax, but to the ABSOLUTE criminal hegemony and control over our culture given by means of (d) central-banking, which also Fetzer overlooks, neglects, and ignores. For example, what is MONEY?

(e) Thus Fetzer fails to induct to the overall, satanic/hubristic nature of the degenerate culture in general, the Spenglerian "Decline of the West" in (extreme) subjectivism, thus satanism, Fetzer overlooking the place of Jews (subjectivists by religion) and the nature of their satanic Talmud (see, including then the assistance given satanic master-minds by Judeo-Christian (JC--see and hereticalists and half-baked fools calling themselves "Christian," etc.

(f) And of course, Fetzer, smug and typically hubristic, fails to grasp the genuine philosophic value, purpose, and significance of Christianity, Fetzer the academic hack, incompetently and too quickly writing-off such Christian philosophy as mere "religion."

So Fetzer, the academic hack, surely has lots of problems, draw-backs, and short-comings, but actual facts and details specific to Sandy hoax aren't among them. Fetzer merely keeps the proper focus of attn. out of proper context and far too limited--against proper philosophy and science.

--------------------above by ap in response to below-copied--------------------

Anonymous October 24, 2015 at 6:56 PM

Yet more absolutely insane malarkey from a professional disinformation specialist,Fetzer.

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