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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tactics of Fetzer, the gate-keeper, subtle shill for Jews, practicing limited-hangout, analyzed....

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David NortonOctober 20, 2015 at 6:34 PM

Why don't you challenge him to a debate. You both have a mutual friend to be the moderator.

Fetzer: Exposed, Dis-Credited Gate-Keeper
(Apollonian, 21 Oct 15)

Good grief, but u say u're smart, and u can't see Fetzer has all opportunity he needs here in HIS OWN GOSH-DARNED BLOG!--if he won't do it here, he's not gonna do it anywhere.

Get a clue: (a) Fetzer is tried and true HACK--he wouldn't have spent 30 yrs + in academia if he wasn't purest hack, who holds, as hacks obligatorily must, that there are good Jews, PERIOD.

(b) So he's NOT NOT NOT NOT going to examine the Talmud--this would be absolutely FATAL to his entire hack's position.

(c) Observe Fetzer's moronic muddled grasp of ethics, mis-representing egoism, including "deontology" and utilitarianism as respectable theories/systems in all reason.

(d) So u see why Fetzer doesn't want to even begin to taking Christianity seriously as it holds humans are "sinners"--necessarily egoists, as they're possessed of will, etc.

(e) Fetzer is strictly sublime "limited-hangout" for Jews, working to distract folks exclusively upon Israel, "zionists," and neo-cons--the only "bad" Jews. Fetzer's diversion also works quite effectively for establishment "ethics" and metaphysics (subjectivism as foundation for ethics and "good").

(f) Thus Fetzer will simply continue as he does here: laying low, letting such as "activist strumpet" try to distracting and diverting things off on ad-hominem, etc.


David NortonOctober 20, 2015 at 9:33 PM

Hes not even responded to my commentary which to say is toned down compared to some. He good be just busy but you have a friend with DF. Perhaps you could challenge him formally. You say this is a limited hangout but your critiques are in a limited hangout setting. This gives you the opportunity to expand your message beyond this sector of the internet.

Fetzer: Consummate, Confirmed Hack
(Apollonian, 21 Oct 15)

Ho ho ho--of course he's "busy"--doing his part for limited hangout, and his Jew buddies, pushing his moronic hacks' version of "ethics" which is pushed on the the poor students and maintaining that essential subjectivist premise for "good-evil," and then satanism, though he'd surely deny he wants to push satanism.

Why doesn't Fetzer speak (or write) on the Talmud?--or the philosophy within Christian literature? Do u doubt he's consummate hack?--30 yrs in academia--his brain is fried, I assure u, ho ho ho ho. At this pt., Fetzer is mere raconteur and trivialist for such as JFK and 9/11--not into serious philosophy or any serious discussion at all.


David NortonOctober 21, 2015 at 12:33 AM

It appears he does not connect the dots and where it leads. He could write about the federal reserve and such and what a boondoggle this is but he is rather silent on the matter. So you've checkmated him on this point.

Fetzer Also Covers-Up Foremost Criminal Enterprise, Central-Banking
(Apollonian, 21 Oct 15)

Yes, that's ANOTHER thing (about central banking), BUT I happen to know fm a note Fetzer made on another blog that Fetzer understands there are problems w. central-banking, but he can't, evidently, figure-out what horrendous criminal enterprise and fraud it is, this despite the amazing history of such central-banking just in USA, this well-covered by Griffin in his work, "The Creature From Jekyll Island." These bankers are TOP criminals, necessarily, and nothing--not JFK, nor 9/11--goes without these "bankers" knowing and integral part--another thing Fetzer effectively covers-up.

So think of it: if u cover JFK, 9/11, and Sandy hoax, then u're covering criminal activity (a), and (b) ULTIMATE criminal activity/enterprise is legalized COUNTERFEITING of central-banking, which necessarily controls/affects everything else. So HOW could such "banking" NOT be considered by such as Fetzer, pretending to "investigate"?

So Fetzer is a cover-up artist, hack, and gate-keeper for all his expo, and it really couldn't be un-intentional, everything considered.

Fetzer's Gate-Keeping, Diversionary Method(s) Not Terribly Difficult, Under Circumstances
(Apollonian, 21 Oct 15)

So note Fetzer effectively covers-up and diverts fm two related things (a) Jews and Talmud, and (b) their irreplaceable, invincible, primary instrument, central-banking.

(c) The other thing he ignores, so conveniently, is SUBJECTIVISM, foundation of the rampant satanism and cultural hubris which also is the abstract (distinct fm existential) instrument of Jews and associated satanists and criminals--as not all criminals are outright satanists, though they're subject to it, most not knowing it.

So Fetzer's task isn't terribly difficult, the abstract subject-matters (subjectivism and central-banking) relatively easy to simply ignore or to glibly write-off if it's ever brought-up.

Ethics is another abstract subject easily subverted for discussion. So u see the relative ease of Fetzer's task as gate-keeper and limited-hangout artist which then he reinforces and effectuates by means of these long, tedious listings of details, in which listeners are invited to getting lost--and which details Fetzer often is capable of going into yet further convolutions (details upon the details).

Finally, Fetzer writes-off serious Christian philosophy by just calling it "religion," hence not worthy of his time--actually quite patronizing and contemptuous, but it works in these hubristic times, the suckers willing to go-along.

Sublime Ease Of Fetzer's Task, Everything Considered
(Apollonian, 21 Oct 15)

Finally, consider, after all is said and done for this subject of the conspiracy-complex within this satanic and hubristic culture in Spenglerian "decline," how sublimely easy and convenient things are for Fetzer, given my above analysis of the issues, so abstract and hence easy to subvert (a).

(b) The only thing left is subject of Jews--which people imagine Fetzer is sooo down upon--people incapable even of imagining Fetzer is out to COVER for Jews, w. "limited-hangout," and to maintaining legitimacy for Jews, ho ho ho, insisting not all kikes are "bad"--something Fetzer learned well in all his yrs of academia hacking and contempt for the suckers in the public and among the great majority of students.

(c) Fetzer merely needs to be sure NOT to covering Talmud--he never hrd of Talmud. "'Talmud,' did u say"? he asks, "never hrd of it," ho ho ho ho

So Fetzer's function for gate-keeping and limited-hangout is actually quite sublimely easy thing to do, everything considered, too few even beginning to figuring it all out how Fetzer is covering for kikes, not to mention the overall, general tragedy and corruption of our poor culture, society, and people.

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