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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fetzer: perfect example of charlatan, hack, gate-keeper, traitor, picture of Spenglerian "Decline of the West"....

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Fetzer: Charlatan, Hack, Gate-Keeper, Perfect Picture Of Horrific Cultural "Decline Of West"
(Apollonian, 11 Oct 15)

Corp.s are literally creatures of law. If the corp. commits criminal acts, which they obviously do, it's because the law allows it. And when we look, we see US Law is so miserably corrupt, the US Federal laws working now to tens of thousands of pages. Romans had a saying: "the more laws, the greater the corruption."

Look at the US Federal Reserve Bank: it's literally a criminal enterprise (see and for expo on Fed), which is simply legalized COUNTERFEITING, totally un-Constitutional. But when u have IGNORANT people--led by ignorant, so-called "teachers" and "philosophicals," like Fetzer, thoroughly incompetent, u must not be surprised to have such "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, as we have, the culture in the hands of psychopaths like Jews who rule. Observe all the presidential candidates falling over themselves exclaiming their love for Israeli terror-state.

And the very mark of TREASON is such as Fetzer who teaches there are "good Jews"--like there are good psychopaths, good satanists, good Christ-killers. For that is precisely what Jew Talmud preaches and teaches--that Christ was heretic, blasphemer, and sorcerer, who corrupted the people and was righteously executed (ho ho--the Talmud ADMITS Jews had Christ killed). See and for best Talmudic expo.

Fetzer, the incompetent flack, teaches the establishment line on "ethics," as he's regularly presented here on this blog and others, and on many occasions, effectively pushing the subjectivist "good-evil" Pharisaism--against the obvious objectivistic (fm Aristotle) determinist principle (and founded in Christianity) that humans are egoists (hence "sinners," according to Christian tradition), by their very basic nature and that only reason can possibly temper such egoism, and the law must take due cognizance.

This rational egoist ethical philosophy was that of Hobbes and Locke, to name just a couple, and is still well-understood ethical philosophy to this very day. But edjumacated fool and moron, like Fetzer, evidently never hrd of Hobbes and Locke.

Worst of all for Fetzer's typical sort of treason and ignorance is his complete and total overlooking of Christian philosophy embedded within the (New Test.) literature and allegory, which this fool deliberately writes-off and refuses to acknowledge, pretending and insisting it's mere "religion," Fetzer refusing to face fact that religion often contains within it distinct, even explicit philosophy.

Thus criminality and COUNTERFEITING of the nation's monetary system, the genuine money now turned into mere "currency," inflated at the (criminal) banker's expedience became the law of the land in 1913, as it had periodically earlier in the nation's history, under Sec. of Treasury, Alex. Hamilton, and then later, again, the second B. of the US killed by Andrew Jackson--Fetzer knows NOTHING about all this about organized, institutionalized criminality, and what it means in practical terms, to judge fm his moronic writings on ethics.

Note then the CRUX of any ethical system--or any system whatsoever--is to be found in the metaphysics, the first, most basic principles. Fetzer thus seeks to take ethics OUT of the rational realm given by Aristotelian objectivity, AND to giving legitimacy to this irrationality and subjectivity, thus playing into hands of Jew psychopaths, criminals, and satanists--where we are and find ourselves in this day, awaiting the extermination of humanity under auspices of "Agenda-21," etc.

Corp.s need merely be properly understood and defined in accord w. real system of law, law understood within proper objective, Aristotelian, hence Christian reality which doesn't tolerate subjective law, whence law is rendered nugatory and used in selective manner to prosecute enemies of the state and the criminal factions which rule at the top, as we see now.

Tax-payer money should NEVER be spent for such monstrosity as "public edjumacation," as we get idiots like Fetzer who corrupt and confuse the young w. glorified ignorance and irrationality, now pretending to science, of all things, legitimizing Jews, satanism, and the horrific situation we have presently, the US sponsoring terrorism, funding, supplying, and arming terrorism, even here in USA itself, about to explode on unprecedented, massive scale.

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