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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fetzer: so-called "philosophical" such an utter, complete, compromised FAILURE in face of satanism/subjectivism--HOW does this happen?....

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Fetzer: Horrendous FAILURE In Face Of Satanism/Subjectivism
(Apollonian, 4 Oct 15)

Yes Fetzer, but don't we already know all this, as u say in ur blog article?

After all, ZOG has all the "currency" (not money, which should be gold/silver) it prints-up and digitalizes at US Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed") legalized COUNTERFEITING scam, right? So ZOG can pay and extort all its prostitutes and captives to parrot and pushing anything it pleases to tell them to say.

So long as ZOG gets people to accept its currency for goods & svcs, they will succeed quite well w. that large mass of willing dupes and fools.

Problems arise when the currency becomes so weak, so "inflated," and so dis-credited the people are no longer as easily fooled--which is happening evermore, US Dollar collapsing even as we speak.

People rather need "unity" against ZOG, but then what's appropriate BASIS for this unity? For ZOG needs be characterized accurately, for one thing, and that accurate characterization is given by "SATANISM"--which is under-pinned by extreme subjectivism, which satanism has been widely noted by numerous observers.

Thus "satanism" is most accurately and reliably characterized by this subjectivism, a simple philosophic idea, easily understood and communicated. How is it then that u're sooooooooo horribly, miserably lacking for this simple cultural analysis and characterization regarding rampant satanism/subjectivism?

So we see that ur efforts are so miserably COMPROMISED in that same way observed fm ALL "establishment" figures, u being so strangely affected for ur FAILURE--failure even to name and then characterize or describe the SATANIC problem.

How is it then u're rendered so ineffective, Fetzer?--is it because u're compromised for ur "philosophy" which features the very same, basic subjectivism which the rampant, raging satanism is essentially founded upon?--as for that putrid moralism/Pharisaism u push as part of ur so-called "philosophy"?

Thus u've FAILED so miserably, so horribly, Fetzer: compromised for philosophy and analysis by means of subjectivism in form of moralism/Pharisaism, TRUTH requiring that objective basis which u cannot defend or even demonstrate--against satanism/subjectivism.

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