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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Rhetorical, psychologic emphasis must be upon anti-satanism (hence subjectivism), in order to impress the masses of volk....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Christian Reason, Objectivity Contrasted W. Satanic, Masonic Righteousness, Subjectivism, HUBRIS
(Apollonian, 17 Oct 15)

Yes, I'm pretty sure I've read Robison, and at least one of the works by Fay, if I'm remembering correctly. Masonry is just that supposed faux-rationalist interface btwn Jews and gentiles, means by which the Jews infiltrate, affect, and manipulate the gentile society. And it seems none other than Jefferson, Washington, and Franklin, among many others too, actually fell for this rationalist ruse.

We know also none other than Fred. the Great of Prussia seems to have been free mason, and this free masonry, by the early 18th cent. spread to empires which were otherwise rivals and often enemies, Austro-Hungarian, French, and British--why? Well, because the Jews behind it all offered and featured a means of financing and credit, even if it was fraudulent, central-banking--this was the big-draw for the top players, un-doubtedly.

Masons became evermore prominent in European society parallel to the rise of central banking, they went hand-in-hand, Jews being the masters, guiding it all the way, working through and with the gentile masonic tools, pawns, and stooges, even getting these gentile flunkies to making use of other gentiles.

Interesting that even though masonry always pretends to rationalist "illumination," it urgently masks itself within mysticism, esoterica and obscure symbology, the actual essence of it necessarily being that satanic subjectivism, thus hubris, and the goal for the poor dupes is always attainment of mystic, ineffable "good"--it preys upon poor people w. inferiority/guilt -complex who credit the idea/delusion of a perfectly "free" human will by which to achieve this non-existent "good."

And who are these poor dupes?--they're the over-population of a formerly successful civilization/empire which has now produced too many people, now fallen to hubris of "good-evil" delusion, this "good-evil" Pharisaism always dependent upon SUBJECTIVISM.

So then who are the satanists, including masons and Jews?--they are the inevitable and natural grave-diggers and under-takers of a dying, corrupt civilization/culture in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, taking due advantage of the vast mass of over-populated suckers and fools so desperate to being "good," and achieving "virtue" in accord w. their corrupt, hubristic moralism/Pharisaism, as we see.

Thus in the (Spenglerian) CYCLIC scheme of things our present stage of "decline" is surely much similar to that of Rome in the 3rd century, just before arrival of St. Constantine the Great who rather revived and resuscitated the empire for a short while, after which the decline and fall took up again.

Thus subjectivism and satanism are such formidable and inexorable enemies of civilization--especially in guise of "good," the excuse for the (Platonic/Straussian) "noble lie," worst enemy of truth (= Christ). Holy Spirit then is reason tempered w. HONESTY, integral within one's spirit by which we're best enabled to grasp truth (= Christ).

Thus to reverse and abate this present horrific cultural decline and decadence in which we find ourselves enmired, we must grasp necessity of HONEST money, commodity-based, hence gold/silver, this along w. 10th amendment and primacy of local and state gov. in accord w. Constitutional right of NULLIFICATION of illegal acts of predatory and satanically insane Fed. gov.

The psychologic, propaganda "hook" for over-populated masses then can't only and merely be intellectual and rationalist-styled--it must be sufficiently emotional for appeal and effect too--thus the anti-satanist emphasis, satanism most easily understood for that element of (extreme) subjectivism, narcissism, hubris, and desperate seeking of righteousness, so grotesquely contrived as it always turns out to be.

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