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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Rebekah Roth, truly interesting for cultural/political analysis, as of 9/11, etc....

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Rebekah Roth In Large Scheme Of Things
(Apollonian, 14 Nov 15)

Yes, indubitably, Rebekah Roth is fiction-writer--not terribly great, but not terribly horrible, either. But she's on an interesting track, for I've listened to about a dozen of her interviews, some of them being 2 hrs long--she says and reveals lots of neat stuff.

Most of all, and most revealingly, I judge, is her anti-zionism--she's against Israel, BUT at same time she defends Jews in general, as if the non-zionist kikes are a-ok, ho ho ho ho

So right-off we have the usual "good-Jew, bad-Jew" game, yet once again, and when we see Rebekah is discovered w. a CIA phone link, we begin to understand how things really are, the Israelis being extremely powerful, politically, as we know, but not entirely, always appreciated at the very top-most pinnacle of power, even though these Israelis are indispensable for pulling-off BIG capers like 9/11.

Yet still, what's most interesting is Rebekah DOES indeed seem to understand quite clearly the satanic problem w. central-banking (US Federal Reserve Bank--see and for best expo), and this is surely the odd thing. For NEITHER CIA nor Israelis would appreciate this about Rebekah registering the truth about such central-banking.

So to me, Rebekah is to be credited for fingering those satanic monsters, the Israelis, but yet fails to grasp the equally satanic nature of all/any kikes qua kikes (Jew filth), murderers of Christ (= Truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), etc.

And it should be noted that it's impossible, still, to be entirely anti-semitic and surviving in this filthy Jew-dominated, satanic culture, it only being tolerated if one does as Rebekah, Alex Jones ( and others, condemning or "criticizing" "zionism," while at same time excusing Jew filth--the same old, typical "good-Jew, bad-Jew" game.

So now the question is (among others too, one supposes) did any planes actually take-off w. any real passengers?--well, wouldn't it be necessary IF the large story was to hold-up?--at least SOME people would have to be missing and dead, right?

And otherwise, Rebekah surely has important things right--like the FTS (flight termination system) being present and in operation--WHICH CONFIRMS ZOG was behind 9/11, ZOG in collusion w. Israelis, Saudis, etc.

And cut the crap: WE KNOW WHO DID 9/11--the satanic conspirators at the top, operating by means of their nearly INFINITE funds-creating machine, the central-bank, which is necessarily behind everything, esp. everything of criminal nature, which criminality these satanic filth have a monopoly, LITERALLY--Israel is just a particular gang-faction in this.

For satanism is essentially (extreme) subjectivism and hubris by which one makes oneself God, Jews necessarily the masters as they practice a sublime COLLECTIVIST subjectivism, able then to dominating and manipulating overwhelmingly greater numbers of gentile subjectivists who are otherwise too individualistic, isolated, and dis-connected--like Allan Powell, for example, hoh oho hoho

So what must gentiles do?--ORGANIZE, much as possible, this best done upon (a) Christian premises/principles, Christianity then understood as anti-semitism, etc.; (b) then in accord w. original American concepts, as of Jefferson, esp. in light of 10th Amendment, states-rights, nullification principle, primacy of local gov., etc.

Otherwise, even the stupidest people can see the blatant satanism and horrific destruction of Jew world order, ZOG creating ISIS, for example, ISIS then causing the refugees who then invade Christian, Western nations for purpose of destruction of nat. sovereignty, etc. If they can't see this obvious plan in action before their very eyes, golly, but they deserve death, right?--it's just committing suicide, isn't it?--all in the name of non-existent, Pharisaic, "good"--but "good" for who?--no one but Jews and satan, obviously.

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