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Friday, November 6, 2015

Who is "Rebekah" working for?--as Fetzer nit-picks....

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Rebekah Is Strange Sort Of "Op," Freely Spilling Major "Beans"
(Apollonian, 6 Nov 15)

Well, as I note above (see below-copied), WHY would she pt. to Israelis as the culprits, these working for the top Jew bankers?--though she doesn't so much ID Jews regarding banking, yet she DOES take note of fraud nature of Federal Reserve Bank (legalized COUNTERFEITING)--which is more than u do.

So if she is an "op," who in the heck is she working for?--it ain't Jews nor bankers, and the bankers are the very topmost world powers who have everyone else on the run, except maybe Russia and China.

Note only SOME of her claims are inaccurate, not necessarily totally "false." Her version of planes and passengers DO NOT "support" official narrative at all, she saying planes were diverted, the passengers then disposed of, etc.--this is NOT the official narrative.

If "BTS" is all u got, it doesn't seem like enough to be conclusive, though it may be bothersome. So if she's pt-ing to Jews and bankers, she certainly has the big, main pt.s right--why would she shoot herself in foot for defective details?

Rebekah has been out recently, just a few days ago, w. some additional info on the little doodlings and drawings made by the Israeli "artists" which seem to indicate they knew what was about to happen to the WTC bldgs.:

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James Fetzer November 6, 2015 at 3:16 AM

Rebekah appears to be CIA. She has a photographic memory. She seems to have plagiarized her vast store of research. Someone like this is going to be hard to pin down. She isn't going to make a lot of easily-detectable mistakes. You are welcome to add those you notice in addition to mine, including:

She confounds transponders and radar, which proves she does not have the technical competence she claims. She trivializes the BTS records, which show that her claims are false. And she attempts to belittle "retired professions" who are not taken in. Most importantly, she is restoring the planes and the passengers to support the "official" narrative.

James Fetzer November 6, 2015 at 3:24 AM

In addition, Rebekah/Monika appears to have faked her identity. She was pissed off when Dennis noticed she resided in Langley. She looks like an op, she talks like an op and she walks like an op. I am not sure how much more proof we are going to have at hand with a sophisticated op like her.

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BTS Report?--That's All Fetzer Has?
(Apollonian, 5 Nov 15)

I read Roth's first book, "Methodical...," and it was NOT very good kind of story for a thriller, not very well written--I rather skimmed through most of it. BUT I must say she wrote some great stuff at the end of the book, her hero, the newly inducted president, who had been Speaker of the House, coming out against dual-citizens, obviously talking about the Israeli Jews, and denouncing the US Federal Reserve Bank. So WHO is Roth helping or not helping?

And I noted in Roth's numerous int-views, she presents amazing info, for example, about Dan Lewin, the Israeli Sayaret Maktal agent, and Jew, Barbara Olson, who allegedly made cell-phone calls to her husband, Ted, the Solicitor Gen. at Justice dept. at the time. Roth's thesis is that Lewin was a "controller," working for ZOG.

So the pt. to Roth's info is anti-semitic, hence surely good news and good work. And the question then is if Roth really were crisis-actor, why is she so anti-semitic?--isn't this counter-intuitive?

Obvious problem is fact that so much of this necessary info, about 9/11, JFK, and practically everything, is being covered-up by ZOG--ZOG is the problem, and who benefits thereby?--obviously the satanic masterminds behind world gov. and the central-banks. I don't see how Rebekah Roth is helping ZOG.

And we see Fetzer's pt. against Roth regards The BTS report, but is this all Fetzer has? To be sure, Fetzer may indeed have a pt. regarding a particular aspect Roth's narrative, but does it really accomplish terribly much?--doesn't seem like it.

So we see AGAIN, Fetzer wants to nit-pick upon details while ignoring the large picture regarding (a) central-banking, (b) Jews, not just "zionists," (c) and the satanic aspects of the culture, including the (d) advancing world-gov. and its agenda.

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