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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Greatest enemy of TRUTH (= Christ) is "good"/Pharisaism, "good" the entrance vehicle of satanism/subjectivism....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Rise Of Pelagianism And "Good" For Overthrow Of Truth (= Christ)
(Apollonian, 11 Nov 15)

Mr. Pinay: thanks for ur useful expo (ck citation, above), but I'd like to bring up another pt. regarding "...Mason is obliged by his tenure to observe the Moral Law...." And this regards important issue of Pharisaic moralism replacing and superseding Christian TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), truth the highest virtue/value of Christian, the ethical means being subservient to this end of truth (= Christ), HONESTY, for example, necessary means/condition towards such truth (= Christ).

Note the (Pharisaic, effectively) philosopher, Plato, equated truth w. beauty and "good."

Pt. then is if there is TRUTH (= Christ), then there MUST BE an OBJECTIVE REALITY, God-given and -created, this providing the necessary basis/premise to such truth (= Christ).

And this absolute objectivity for reality is precisely what Pharisaics, Talmudists, and Jews, including their flunkies, including masons, deny as they insist reality is what they want it to be, especially beginning w. Torah/Mosaic law, holding that it's what rabbis say it is for object, object being WHATEVER serves Jews--SUBJECTIVISM. Thus rabbis effectively hold God's highest purpose was/is to creating his favorites, Jews, God mere slave of Jews, excusing their mass-murder of gentiles, creating miracles to make their satanic wishes come true.

Hence then basic philosophic difference btwn Christian and Jew is the nature of reality, Christians holding to the objective ("God-given/-created") vs. Jew subjective (hence satanic).

Note further what we see in our culture: rampant satanism, thus subjectivism, (extreme) subjectivism being the means by which one makes oneself God, holding one's view of reality, mentality, and consciousness to actually being of reality. And we see confirmation of this rampant, raging satanism in hip-hop music industry, noted by many, many vids on u-tube (just use search term, "satanism," to verify). And subjectivism is also manifest in the application of law regarding hitlery Clinton, for another example, and the big banks and corp.s, utterly destroying our rule-of-law and overthrow of US Constitution.

I want thus to bringing this radical conflict and contrast in basic principle to ur attn. regarding Christianity and Pharisaism, so clear, simple, and EASY to discern and verify: objective nature of reality, God-given according to Christianity, vs. the Jew subjectivism by which they make themselves God the creator of reality by means of subjectivism, justified in "good" which is necessarily subjective by essence, Christianity, St.s Augustine and Paul, holding we're all sinners incapable of "good," this being heresy of Pelagianism (Augustine).

Thus Jews RULE the corrupt, hence subjectivistic culture in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, as Jews are collectivist, unified, most organized, and "connected," even though out-numbered by satanic/subjectivistic gentiles who are typically far more individualistic, dis-connected, un-organized except by Jews, and utterly dis-unified, the perfect pawns and zombies for Jew master-minds--like the masons, as u pt.-out.

And again, KEY to this gentile passivity and submission to Jew enslavement is willingness to submit to subjectivism especially upon pretext of "good-evil" fallacy/delusion beginning in child-hood which gentiles cannot over-come, esp. as the culture becomes evermore corrupt in the false "prosperity," gentiles addicted to "bread and circuses," as we see.

Thus it is Jew subjectivism/satanism overthrows Christian truth in the corrupt culture, this satanist hegemony founded upon original pretext of subjectivist "good" and Pelagian heresy, non-existent, hereticalist "good" truly the WORST ENEMY of truth and Christ.

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