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Friday, November 20, 2015

Problem now for West and Jew S A is anti-Christ religion of satanism; solution then must be religious too--the REAL Christianity....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Cultural Problem Is satanic "Religion"; Necessary Answer/Solution MUST Be Anti-satanic, Hence The Real, Original Christianity--There's Really No Other Way
(Apollonian, 20 Nov 15)

Yes JR, it's truly getting stranger and stranger, but then again, that's natural, CYCLIC course of things according to Oswald Spengler in "Decline of the West."

And again, don't forget to note the absolutely un-precedented, explicit, in-ur-face satanism, as in "hip-hop" music.

Thus, u see, it's a DEATH CULTURE, worship of death--it's no coincidence about United Nations (UN) "Agenda-21" serious plan for de-population.

Thus the oligarchs, having now milked the economy, as in Jew S A and West, even Germany now suffering horrendous waves of invaders, having essentially destroyed the currency, about to collapse, they need a war by which to "muddy the waters" and to make their get-away.

But the main pt. now I want to make is the tremendous, amazing "religious" satanism which has taken-control lately in Jew S A--this satanic reign of lawlessness in which top criminals get away w. practically anything, including mass-murder (e.g., Libya and Iraq) and child prostitution, as especially in UK, goes along w. rise of "world gov."--dictatorship--which needs war and terrorism as excuse/pretext for being/existence.

So u see the simultaneous rise of world gov. dictatorship and satanism and suppression of peoples' rights along w. collapse of economies and impoverishment of the population, making them more subject to extortion, starving people more willing to accept despotism.

Thus we need the REAL Christianity, anti-satanism, as the volk don't too easily understand strict philosophy--this is the traditional place and purpose of proper "religion," u see, consistent w. origins of original USA.

Meantime, present Jew S A empire, now essentially bankrupt, must break down, back into the original states w. all the rights, the economy necessarily reverting to the original "hard-money," commodity-based, hence gold/silver. And it will be difficult to prevent war fm breaking-out; we must pray that such warfare isn't too pro-longed or destructive.

And as the problem is the anti-Christ, satanic "religion," so the answer and counter-measure must be religious in style too--the REAL (anti-satanic) Christianity--what else?

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