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Sunday, November 8, 2015

"JR"--stymied for his obsessionate insistence he's "American"--AND Jew-tolerant at same time....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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JR's Reluctant "Journey"
(Apollonian, 8 Nov 15)

Thus we see JR remains locked in paralysis over this fundamental Jew and satanic issue. JR just can't figure-out what to say. For JR is DETERMINED to "tolerating" Jews; tolerating kikes is JR's RELIGION fm which he won't deviate.

So u see JR: we see u're NOT "AMERICAN"--u're rather determined upon ur religion of Jew-toleration, right?

U're really an alien, NOT "American" at all. For u can't for the life of u figure-out hatred of Jews is foundation of Western Civilization and hence of America, the old USA. And given the two choices, Jew or America--U REJECT AMERICA, and u just have difficulty facing-up to this.

U want to pretend u can be both, "American" and Jew tolerator--which is impossible, and u won't accept it's contradictory, paralyzed as we see u are before the two incompatible principles.

(a) U can't and won't see simple history of Western civilization hatred and contempt for Jews. We've ALWAYS hated Jews, and as we've hated Jews, the West PROSPERED.

(b) U imagine (evidently) Western civ. only really begins at French Revolution when the Jews seemed to have been re-habilitated and now officially tolerated.

(c) U want to insist USA means toleration of Jews when it doesn't, and nothing about real USA, like Dec. of Independence, so indicates. USA HAS ALWAYS BEEN CHRISTIAN, hence anti-semitic, but u want to gloss-over this slight fact.

(d) U want to gloss-over the "Civil War" which destroyed the real USA of the Dec. of Ind. and original Constitution.

(e) And u want to arbitrarily impose upon things ur own understanding of "America," against and in spite of any facts, insisting it includes toleration of Jews--this is ur RELIGION fm which u won't deviate.

(f) And it's ok (but not really) if u want to tolerate kikes, but this is anti-American and anti-Western, and u don't care--u're just going to insist this is the "American" way, regardless of facts and reality--u thus have ur very own "America," and u have difficulty grasping this is ur own religiously-held delusion--this while expressing contempt for "religion" in general, as u pretend u're advocate of reason.

So u see JR, I want to merely impress u w. problems u have for ur obsessions for ur non-existent and fictional "America" and ur anti-American insistence upon toleration of Jews.

America, the real thing, was made for white Christians: u've got to finally figure this out if u ever want to recover to sanity and truth. And Christianity, the real thing, is necessarily anti-semitic; this is another thing u've got to figure-out.

And America, the real thing, not ur delusionary wishful thinking, Dec. of Ind., and Constitution are necessarily dependent upon anti-semitism (Christianity, the real thing), and cannot be separated. Once u take away Christianity (hence anti-semitism), u destroy America, the real thing.

So don't blame me, JR, this analysis and revelation is and was always necessary destination upon ur "American's Journey," whether u realize it or not. There's reality and truth, and then there's madness and delusion built upon hubris and wishful thinking--u can't have both.

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