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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Christian-inspired revolution is only thing to help USA--Christian, hence anti-semitic, the more explicit, the better....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Only Real, Serious, Christian-Inspired Revolution Can Change, Help Things
(Apollonian, 12 Nov 15)

Unfortunately, we're now observing the entirely PREDICTABLE results and effects of ZOG intimidation, extortion, terrorism, etc., upon a poor, pathetic citizen-victim of the leading and basic criminal conspiracy, controlling all the others, that of central-banking legalized COUNTERFEITING, namely, in case of present Jew S A, the US Federal Reserve Bank.

What?--one may say, u mean it's bankers behind all this activity? Well of course it is, u stupid scum, and these bankers are behind ZOG which rules, which sends ur kids off to fight foreign wars which are NOT in legitimate defense of USA, now Jew S A.

The same powers intimidated, terrorized, and assassinated witnesses to JFK, OKC bombing of 1995, and many other crimes, including 9/11 and Sandy hoax--what did and do u stupid scum expect?--u're only being treated like the stupid, brainless suckers u really and truly are--human cattle, cannon-fodder for the bankers for all the wars, going back to the "Civil War"--better named as war of Northern Aggression and Empire.

And NOTHING will be done, no matter the lies they tell poor Wolfgang and the stupid puke who are the so-called "citizens" of Jew S A, dominated by Jews and Isreal, as evermore people know and learn.

For the criminal "bankers"--really COUNTERFEITERS (literally)--have everyone paid off and/or extorted by means of nearly infinite funding. Anyone who continues to seriously refuse to going along w. them will be killed by crack-addicts, who will be eliminated as witnesses by other crack-addicts paid a few hundred bucks--like they killed Lee Harvey Oswald, and numerous other witnesses and whistle-blowers.

And the main-stream corp. Jews-media?--they're mere paid prostitutes, pathological liars, drug-addicts, etc.--the "mockingbird media," owned and controlled, lock, stock, and barrel, as is well-known.

Who else will tell the truth?--it isn't Jim Fetzer or James Tracy as these are just "mentally-enslaved morons," no less than all the other poor fools, scum, victims, goons, and TV-addicts in our putrid, filthy, corrupt culture in CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

For the "edjumacation" system is no less dominated and thoroughly corrupted by the funny-money churned-out by the "bankers" and the Fed fraud, Fetzer and Tracy well-trained like seals and circus-bears to effect they can't be "anti-semitic" or, heaven forfend, "racist." Fetzer and Tracy would rather sell their children and commit suicide.

And the power of this not-so-sublime criminal activity and counterfeiting affects ABSOLUTELY all the possible circumstances to make poor Wolfgang intimidated, threatened, terrorized, and hysterical as he has been made now by means of steady pressure and application of all the forces and almost literally INFINITE funding.

All it takes is MONEY, suckers. Actually, it isn't really money anymore, folks, it's now technically called, "currency," real money having to be commodity, thus gold/silver--but how many people can figure this out about (seemingly) simple thing like money?

And there's no hope--there'll be no help for poor Wolfgang--why?--because the currency is still accepted for payment for goods and svcs by too many people.

The currency rules all, and will only end when it finally collapses in "hyper-inflation." And when that (hyper-inflation) happens, the bankers will have the country involved in wars, external as well as internal, the people starving and worried about soooo many other things, like bio-weapons these psychopaths will be sure to un-leash, if not EMP attack, HAARP, and even old-fashioned nukes if necessary.

So why hasn't the NRA (National Rifle Association) stepped-in to help poor Wolfgang?--answer: MONEY, sucker--what else? For if it's big enough, the bankers control it directly. If it's not big, bankers still control indirectly.

So prepare thyselves, suckers: U'RE DOOMED. And the only possible thing which will save USA is the collapse of the currency, it losing its power ONLY by that event. And the only HOPE is a serious, down-right REVOLUTION--people have to emulate the Christian revolution of early 4th cent. and grasp the glorious power and meaning of serious anti-semitism, suckers.

But lots of scum, traitors, weaklings, dupes, and fools will have to be removed before that happens, eh? Ho ho ho--it's inconceivable for such as Fetzer and Tracy who'd rather die. Nonetheless such revolution must happen, and real patriots must learn the necessity of serious anti-semitism--the real Christianity, Gosp. JOHN 8:44.

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