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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Tragic failure of academic "philosophy" is pathetic, but also instructive, revealing, if one only looks....

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Fetzer Does His Best, But It's So Tragically Little And Late In The Game
(Apollonian, 22 Nov 15)

Yes Fetzer is not un-deserving of some credit (see below-copied). I'm not so sure he deliberately adds dis-info, but he certainly FAILS to do the full job philosophically, which is what he has degree in and is supposed to knowing something about.

For WHAT is the very essence of the philosophic's job and functioning?--to place things in context/perspective, as for genera and differentia, which Fetzer fails to do, as Sandy hoax, 9/11, and JFK assassinations are all specific instances falling under a veritable criminal regime and era of central-banking which central-banking Fetzer ignores and overlooks--how?--why?--it's nothing less than amazing and baffling.

Fetzer never hrd of Christian philosophy or philosophic implications of Christian literature, New Test.

And Fetzer seems to be speechless in face of overt, in-ur-face, blatant SATANISM (extreme subjectivism) which we have evermore being pushed in our faces as especially in "hip-hop" music--absolutely un-precedented in Western history. Fetzer gives no commentary for this satanism which is nothing less than revolutionary if not frightening.

So Fetzer does well enough as journalist and analyst, which analysis surely requires some philosophic/scientific art and skill, no doubt, but still Fetzer fails significantly for proper demonstration and application of his supposed speciality in philosophy.

For Fetzer seems to be quite PARALYZED in face of the Judaic Regime which has Fetzer so well-trained for such passive obeisance--it's inconceivable Fetzer would even imagine to offending his Jew-masters--perish the thought. Fetzer cannot even begin to grasping the abject reverential deference he so religiously pays to his Jew-masters.

And to think Fetzer was instructing students, surely thousands and thousands, for so many yrs in public institute(s) of edjumacation, should say something about our present culture in general, now so horribly, miserably blind-sided by these filthy, stinking satanic scum bringing-in "world gov." and "agenda-21" de-population (genocide)--it's enough to make a good citizen cry.

But such is "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, demonstrating once again that grim truth taught by those wise old Greeks about human TRAGEDY--life sucks, for sure, and we've only found-out part of it yet, as US Dollar and economy continue to collapse horrendously and most definitively. Lord save us; we need another St. Constantine the Great to revive and resuscitate the culture melting-down and dribbling into the sewer.

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Anonymous November 22, 2015 at 6:30 PM

Kudos to Fetzer for telling the truth about Sandy Hook. It is true that no died there. The fact remains that he's a psyop operator who earns trust with some truth and then adds disinformation.

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