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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Determinist nature of reality, how it works, MUST be understood--it's not kikes', or anyone elses, fault for this reality....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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CYCLIC, Determined, Objective Nature Of Reality, Understood, But Then Lost In Corruption Of Western "Decline"
(Apollonian, 29 Nov 15)

I listened to the entire show, all 2 and a half hrs, and I think there's some serious, important stuff left-out, which is the CYCLIC nature of reality, history, etc., how civilizations rise and fall, and the determinist nature of things--absolute cause-effect, NO perfectly "free" human will. And this CYCLIC course of things, esp. historic, was Oswald Spengler's great thesis in "Decline of the West."

Thus if one looks, for example, at US "Civil War," or more accurately, War of Northern Aggression, one sees whites totally dominated and were doing quite fine in so many ways, and then what happened?--they decided to kill one another--it couldn't be blamed on blacks or Indians, or Mexicans, or Asians. Jews were un-questionably in the back-ground, but one has to admit it was whites who literally decided to commit suicide, destroying their own Constitution, states-rights, etc.

And if u ck history, u see the horrific "Civil" war was pre-saged in 1830 when S. Carolina nullified the "Tariff of Abominations," refusing to pay, and Pres. Andrew Jackson threatened to invade the state, actually gathering an army which was duly paid-for by the US Congress of the time. USA was then only 42 yrs old (since 1788 origin), barely 15 yrs after War of 1812, and already it was falling-apart.

What happens is humans, including whites, are basically stupid, scummy, stinking filth--they're sinners according to both old and New Testaments, Christianity affirming that determinist nature--absolute cause-effect, there being no perfectly "free" human will. But humans suffer that HUBRIS by which they pretend to such "free" will and MAKE THEMSELVES GOD--satanism. And this satanism always begins for pretext by the fallacious, non-existent "good-evil" delusion, Pharisaism being the idea one is "good," when truth is humans are scummy puke--SINNERS, always have been and always will be.

So it isn't kikes CAUSE white genocide--no, they just help it along. It's stupid, scummy, over-populated, HUBRISTIC whites who commit suicide like they did during American "Civil War"--it wasn't anyone else's fault, not blacks, or Indians, or Mexicans, but stupid, scummy, stinking, moronic OVER-POPULATED white trash and puke--and I don't enjoy having to admit these difficult facts, believe me.

Thus especially, this CYCLIC course of events can be observed and further confirmed fm Roman empire. Romans were always able to handle the barbarians, but in 3rd cent. we see the "crisis" era whence it was various rival Roman generals fighting one another, making themselves emperor, getting overthrown by other generals who made themselves briefly emperors, etc.

What now must happen in Jew S A is it must, like Roman empire, BREAK-UP back into the state entities, based on local-gov. principle--the on-going "Decline of the West." Surely then white folk can re-generate their once glorious civilization and opulent life-styles.

For here's what works for Jew-supremacy: (a) the white founder generation is/was truly heroic, the people UNITED, helping one another--as happened in Revolutionary war period. (b) BUT once victory and then "prosperity" is achieved, the following generations begin to "decline" for that basic culture, pretending they're "moral" and "good"--FILLED W. HUBRIS and thus, Pharisaism.

For the founder generations followed that determinist cultural motif or principle, not suffering HUBRIS, not pretending to "good" or "moral virtue" based on hubristic pretense of perfectly "free," God-like will--THEY KNEW THEY WERE SINNERS, all in accord w. basic Christian principles. For Christ = TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, above all/any other principle(s), in accord w. Gosp. JOHN 14:6.

Jews, defined as followers of Pharisees/Talmud (see imagine God serves them, that they have Godly powers, that God does miracles for them, and they can be "good" and morally virtuous--PHARISAISM. For Jews "interpret" ("midrash") the Torah in accord w. their "Oral Law Tradition" which Christ condemned and repudiated--see entire ch. 23 of Gosp. MATT.

TRUTH (= Christ) is necessarily founded on the OBJECTIVE reality, God-created and -given. Jews insist upon their SUBJECTIVIST midrash, reality and truth being merely what they (or their rabbis) say it is.

So u see: WHEN the civilization/culture "DECLINES" into subjectivism, it inevitably become SATANISTIC, reality being merely what the corrupt people say it is in accord w. their mentality/consciousness view or wish as to what reality is--THEY LOSE THAT OBJECTIVITY of the original founders, along w. Christian HONESTY and commitment to truth (= Christ).

Thus satanism is simply extreme subjectivism, the pretext always being fallacious, non-existent "good-evil," this founded upon HUBRISTIC "free" will, the scum always pretending they're "good."

And in such SUBJECTIVIST conditions (like presently in Jew S A), Jews dominate, Jews being far more COLLECTIVISTIC than the individualist, isolated, dis-connected and dis-organized gentiles, even though gentiles far out-number kikes.

I could go on for the cultural/historic/psychologic analysis, but it's this basic dichotomy and contrast in view/understanding of reality that's at work, the Jew subjectivism vs. native white/Western objectivity, but which objectivity the corrupt and now over-populated white population loses once it achieves victory/"prosperity" as we see now and further confirmed fm previous, ancient Roman example.

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