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Monday, October 31, 2016

Note satanic hitlery was/is exposed by criminals hacking and breaking law--says a lot for the stupid puke, called "the people," eh?....

If Not For Scum In-Fighting At Top, Puke Called "The People" Would Have Gone For It All
(Apollonian, 31 Oct 16)

Stop and ask urselves what's very greatest tragedy and crime of this 2016 election farce we've already arrived at, Oct 31, more than a week before the spoiled election. For it's spoiled election as it's so miserably fraudulent, in so many ways, what w. (a) the "electronic" vote fraud, which by itself totally discredits things, but then there are (b) the corrupt and traitorous judges who refuse the obvious vote-ID, and then (c) there's the illegal alien part. Could anything be more royally screwed-up?--at a Federal level, yet.

And note Republicans, like Paul Rino (Ryan), are in on it, too, they having done it, all the notorious vote-fraud, for Bush. Another element is the corrupt and lying Jews-media. If it wasn't for the scum of the NSA who illegally hacked things (and if not, they know who did it) w. the e-mails, hitlery, Soros, and co. would have brought it all off, surely. At least it's good to know there's still in-fighting going-on at the very top--our only hope now that the organized Christian establishment is totally destroyed by kike and kike-friendly filth--well, the scummy puke destroyed themselves, kikes now just taking advantage, like the disease they are. See for expo on Talmud.

Thus we see without the in-fighting among the very scum-of-the-earth at the top, the dumbass, stupid, brainless puke of the so-called "people" of Jew S A would have bought it all--that's the obvious tragedy. And of course, not all the people are such goddam stupid puke, but wayyyyyyyyyy too many are, that's for sure--over-population--allowing themselves to be led-by-the-noses by these satanic scum who back and uphold hitlery and the kike filth, defending that putrid cancer in the mid-east, Israel.

Note then it's now much a matter of in-fighting going on among the kikes, good kikes vs. bad kikes. For we KNOW Trump is all in w. those infernal lying monsters. So Trump getting in as Pres. will be no real solution, merely a reprieve.

For what about the slight fact Jew S A is only saved by CRIMINAL hacking by CRIMINALS who obviously violate the law, strictly understood?--notice no one talks much about that. Fine thing, Jew S A is given its "reprieve" by these criminal scum. See how far gone is Jew S A? And this all foregoing is beside fact we're in for currency collapse, up-coming.

So we need prosecution of these criminals. Examples have to be made of these puke--but it will only go as far as the Jews who control Trump will allow--which is to say not far at all, if at all. At least the vote fraud can be fixed. But we need more. We need states rights recognized, including nullification and secession, and we need real money, commodity-based, hence gold-silver being best--which will have to come, pretty soon now, I guess.

But the power of the I-net shows itself, at any rate, and the next thing for people to find-out is the rational meaning of Christianity, the real thing, which is objective reality, etc., hence anti-semitism.

So I think the crux to things, if there is to remain any hope, is the I-net; long as it remains, there's still great room for hope, as way of treating the horrific stupidity of these stupid scum called "the people," the stupid puke, though it's not sure thing, and there's still horror to come w. currency collapse. So keep praying, people.

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