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Sunday, November 20, 2016

"Good-evil" is mere fiction to control children, "ethical" just means logic btwn means, ends....

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What's "Good" Would Depend Upon What's Real, Hence Objective
(Apollonian, 20 Nov 16)

Good thing there are so many blogs on Socrates/Plato. "Socrates believed that nobody willingly chooses to do wrong[1]."

And the footnote [1] is: "[1] Read Plato’s Gorgias." So the quote evidently comes fm Platonic "Gorgias" Dialogue.

So to make sense of any of this about sin, we must realize that as reality must be objective (otherwise anything goes, in subjectivism), it's determined according to strict cause-effect (God's will). So there's no "good-evil," no perfectly "free" human will. "Sin" makes no sense except as dis-obedience, this applied to children to keeping them obedient, thus safe.

And "ethics" is simply logic btwn ends and means.

But since most people have difficulty w. logic and reason, they seek to follow leadership in the parental manner; this was especially true in olden days of yore.

So politically, it's most expedient and wise to follow the law, and to seem to people generally to being one who follows the law. And strictly speaking, ethics is actually an application of logic to choice (or observance) of means in respect to ends.

Regarding Christianity, remember it's necessary to cite a relevant passage fm Christ/Gospels who/which basically tells us to treat others as we'd want to be treated. It's wisest and best to keep everyone else thinking and knowing, much as possible, that we're reasonably looking out for their welfare as we want them to see to ours, etc.

Regarding the statement, fm above, "[o]ur will is capable of transcending our desires...," this doesn't really make sense: will is desire, by definition. And ultimately we must do as we will, it being impossible, indeed inhuman, not to so follow our will/desire.

Simplest precept to remember is the necessarily objective reality (subjectivism is absurd) is DETERMINED (absolute cause-effect); there's no "good-evil," no perfectly "free" human will, such absolute freedom reserved only for God.

Occam's razor is best ethics; simplest, easiest is best; objectivity = determinism. Sin is just dis-obedience which isn't necessarily wrong; it's mere tool by which to control children/most people.

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