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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Poor Hoffman, a mystic who can't figure-out Christianity is all about TRUTH, TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (= Christ)....

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Hoffman Yearns For National Audience, But Why?
(Apollonian, 15 Nov 16)

Yes Hoffman: I have to agree w. "Ted," above at 5:37 pm (see above citation). U ought to ck the Christian PHILOSOPHY at Gosp. JOHN 14:6: Christ is TRUTH, the only way to Godly happiness. Thus Christianity is an instrument of reason and Holy Spirit, including especially HONESTY. Now in Trump vs. hitlery, it was good-Jew (Trump) vs. bad ("globalist") Jew, hitlery--we still get Jews and their satanism/subjectivism. Trump merely gives a slight reprieve, Trump explicitly rejecting globalism.

Evidently, the "good" Jews want to keep goyim around to continue working and slaving for Jews, whereas the "bad Jews" continue to work for Agenda-21 genocide. So the "good" Jews saw a way of taking-over leadership of goyim which leadership may now last a little while.

Problem w. u, Hoffman, is u're MYSTIC and hereticalist Pelagianist, pretending to "good-evil" subjectivism, which doesn't exist in this God-created objective reality in accord w. ABSOLUTE cause-effect.

U want a "national audience/market"?--u already have one, buddy, but it shouldn't be too extensive to really making too much money for u, as u say same old stuff, don't u?--mysticism and Pelagian moralism.

For the true Christian cause is only forwarded by means of the objective reality, hence reason, primary component of Holy Spirit, along w. honesty, objectivity being only basis for TRUTH (= Christ). But objective reality bothers u, doesn't it?--because u want to preserve hereticalist "good" vs. "evil" which only exists in subjectivism which subjectivism is what Jews and satanists feature and worship.

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