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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Genius, true greatness, sublime perfection of New Test. cannot be surpassed, denied....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Genius, Perfection Of New Test.
(Apollonian, 20 Nov 16)

Note one great thing, among any others, about New Test. is it addresses an extremely significant philosophic/metaphysical problem which had been exploited by the Pharisees and their "Oral Tradition" "midrash"--SUBJECTIVISM, leading to satanism, noted by Christ, esp. at Gosp. JOHN 8:44 and other places too, as Gosp. MARK ch. 7, and MATT ch. 15.

Thus Christ so much and definitively affirms Aristotle and the objective reality in the Old Test. terms the Judean (NOT just "Jew") people, hence later the gentiles too, could understand. Thus we literally have philosophy--but taught in terms of literary story lines and DIALECTIC, using the Pharisees for the satanic anti-thesis.

Culmination of the New Test. drama is the triumph of Easter resurrection of truth (= Christ) WHICH CANNOT BE KILLED, no matter the satanic machinations of even the Pharisees, foremost satanists and liars. For the objective reality exists, PERIOD (necessary metaphysical assumption), such is the fundamental Christian truth and lesson, etc.

It's thus so sad and tragic this Christian lesson for the objective reality is so pathetically and miserably lost for all the so-called "Christians" of this day.

And then, given this (Aristotelian) metaphysical foundation, all ethics (and politics) follows which Christ demonstrates.

For note historically, there's serious implications for the great Christian vs. satanist/Pharisaic dialectic. For truly as humans are sinners, human life is war, as affirmed by Homer, Heraclitus ("War is general, and justice is strife...") Plato, and then later Machiavelli, Hobbes, Darwin, Spencer, Nietzsche, et al.

And Pharisees had brilliantly defined and developed a great war-God who truly served the Pharisaic purposes--which Christ rightly and brilliantly criticized and exposed, by means of reason and Holy Spirit. Life isn't all warfare.

Thus Christ/Christianity was/is great affirmation of Greek-rationalist (hence objective) principle against the Pharisaic-subjectivist, which extreme subjectivism inevitably degenerates into purest satanism, Pharisees and Jews being masters as their satanism is most sublimely practical, gentile satanists being too individualist, nihilist, too susceptible to degeneration to outright psychosis, dis-organization and dis-integration. Jews are collectivist and highly organized, always emerging to rulership and overall mastery--as we see today, Jews the masters of that foremost central-banking criminal enterprise, legalized counterfeiting, the pinnacle operation of organized crime which rules everything else.

Such then is the power of Christian literature and aesthetic, vehicle of the philosophy and lesson thereof. satanists thus attack the literary vehicle in hope of under-cutting the basic, necessarily preceding philosophy. And discussion of the literature is actually sublime, fitting, and convenient prelude and setting to the actual philosophy which is necessarily purpose of the literature. For New Test. literature was dialectic completion/perfection of Old Test., and now only question is WHAT was basic subject-matter of that dialectic which preceded even New Test.

When then we look at the other attempts at dialectic, the (Babylonian) Talmud and the Muslim Koran, we see the great virtue, integrity, and perfection of New Test. Amen.

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